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  1. Default i want to upload this pic but i can't

    hi, i've this question, i don't know how to upload this bjork picture, i don't know how, because when i do it, it says the format its not ok, or the sizes, maybe i have to fix the picture, but i don't know anything about computers programas and stuff, does anybody can help me?
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    You have already uploaded it.
    Do you mean you want it as your avatar or you want it on your phone? if you want it for your phone then you will need to know your screen size.

    Here is the avatar sized picture:

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    oh, i'm sorry, i meant uploading it to my upload section so i can have it into my phone, am i clearer? when i try to upload a picture to use it as a wallpaper in my phone, in upload section i just can't...

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    Ok whats is the screen size of your phone?
    If you dont know then what is the make and model?

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    the model is nokia 2610
    it allow images, i don't really know the creen size, you also can teachme how to do it!!!

    thank you you've been so nice with me...
    i hope my english helps, because i'm from southamerica

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    ok the screen size: 128x128, am i right?

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    please, try to upload it, or at least this picture, you now, i try try try and i can't.... i hav tried in three differents computr with the same picture and nothing...

    i would like you to help me to upload these pictures, si later i can upload them to my phone
    thank you very much
    i would really appreciate what you did!
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    Thumbs up

    Your 2 wallpapers have been uploaded successfully and will now be reviewed by a admin staff. This process may take up to 7 days.

    I have named them Bjork 1 and Bjork 2 so just search for them names.

    Or go via your phones internet:

    Bjork Picture 1:
    Connect to our wapsite at:
    Select Download Private File
    Enter the WAPcode: 42624448

    Bjork Picture 2:
    Connect to our wapsite at:
    Select Download Private File
    Enter the WAPcode: 42647836

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    i can't believe you ar wesome, thank you so much!!!
    see yu soon, greetings from chile!!!

  10. Question Hi Mr Ice Man


    Click here to download to PC
    Download this Free Mobile Game to your PC.

    i CLICK ON IT but i only get an archive with 2kb or 4 kb and not a executable jar file. do you know how can i download it? please tell me what can i do to download to the PC. THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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