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    Great Tutorial.
    Thank u

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    Thank you very much ......

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    You're great..
    thx man.

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    i need help i can get animated pics through adding addresses of the net but whenever i *right click save image as* it will only come up on my pc as a non animated pic.. how do i get them to save as animated? i have windows xp service pack 3 if that helps.. thanks in advance

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    So interesting,but i prefer use Video Avatar.It's tool can create animated avatar.There you can choose a video formats, and make the gif.It's really good program.

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    This is very great tutorial and easy to use and it is working with no problems at all, I really learned how to make an animated picture from you
    thanks man

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    awesome collection

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    I use also Video Avatar..
    Wonderful program which is very easy to use)

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    Great tutorial!

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