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  1. Cool New Versions!!!!

    S40 VERSIONS ADDED.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcyp Log in to see links
    Stranded 2

    Supplied by konon

    W300 128x160: Log in to see links

    K550 176x220: Log in to see links

    Can I get lost ... over time? Open the unusual secrecy of sensitive facilities in the greatest adventure game for mobile phones. You decide puzzles to learn how to navigate in time and prevent the catastrophe had not yet occurred. Talk with the common people and discover the causes of the strange events occurrin
    Story looks a little bit like "Lost"
    But looks good hope it works on my mobile
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    thanks for sharing

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    many thanx to you jcyp for uploading this great game!!!

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    It's a good game but Stranded 1 is so far better.. tnx 4 the upload.

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    Great game but rubbish ending!

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    helo guys..
    please i need help..
    just how do i get to the northwest most part of the prehistoric map?
    it seems i cant get to it.. there's no link or something..
    i cant even get through the water... lost....

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    finish the main quest n u will get time beacons to reach their

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    u mean completing the required enclosures?
    oh god.. hunting dinosaurs alone is way too tiring.. too repetitive.. having to shoot them over and over again? and even red darts are very expensive.. whew..
    well, thanks a lot man..

    i just wonder why the k800 3d version runs like s*** on my phone.. i have k800.. jeez...

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