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    Kimi won (obviously ), Alonso was second and Massa was third.
    Hamilton retired coz he stayed out WAAYYY too long on his first set of tires

    But Sebastien Vettel was GREAT!!! He came 4th, after starting 17th. What a drive!!

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    Sebastian Vettel was really great. He has done a great job.

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    Alright People. This is a CRUCIAL sporting weekend. We have the RWC Final, and we have the last race of the season.

    To all of you who don't care who wins, please hold thumbs that:

    • Kimi Raikkonen wins the race at Interlagos
    • Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso take each other out going into the first corner

    Kimi has come so close twice before, and it was his birthday yesterday, so he deserves to get the best gift of all, the World Championship!!!


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    Listening to the radio on my way to work this morning they said that Alonso is going for the win…

    So they might just take each other out

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    In the spirit for the weekend!!!

    (I realize it's the 2005 car. Haven't made a new one yet. But if we win the race and/or the championship, I'll make a new one)



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    I think Hamilton will loose the World Cup and Alonso will win. But Im with Raikkonen. So GO RAIKKONEN

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    KIMI is the champion
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    Lewis 1st season and came 2nd i dont think he will be complaining

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    Flag-Finland.gif Flag-Finland.gif Flag-Finland.gif

    Kimi World Champion_thumb.jpg
    Now doesn't that just sound right!!!!

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    So as usual Alonso amounted to a load of hot air… I wonder who he’s going to blame now?

    Kimi owes Massa a BIG thank you as well; he did a great job keeping station & preventing Alonso from getting into 2nd…


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    Massa definitely helped, but Kimi didn't win the race because of it. The pit stops were planned from qualifying on Saturday. The 2 laps Kimi stayed out longer won him the race, and Alonso's lack of performance and Lewis's over-performance, together with a BRILLIANT drive from Kimi himself, won him the championship!!

    I've been waiting for this for 6 years, and now it's FINALLY happened!!!!

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