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    I'm gaining some respect for Irvine

    Irvine slams Schumacher comeback as a 'disaster'

    Hardly a day goes by without someone offering an opinion on Log in to see links comeback, and the latest is former Ferrari team-mate Log in to see links.
    Irvine, who openly acknowledges he lacked the talent to beat Schumacher during their time together in the late 90s, thinks it is now the German's turn to admit it is he who is struggling for raw pace.
    "On paper, his return wasn't a bad idea," Irvine told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "But he had already lost something in 2006, when Felipe Massa was often in front of him. Three years later he has lost even more.
    "The result … it's a disaster," he said, adding Schumacher should stop making "excuses" for struggling to keep up with Nico Rosberg in the sister Mercedes. "It's 'this is a new team, with new people'. But in his first year at Ferrari, the car was rubbish but he won three races," said Irvine, who in the sister car finished the 1996 world championship in tenth place.
    Irvine also brushed aside suggestions that Schumacher is good at building a team, for example by leading the path on development matters. "Ferrari took him for his talent; he had no idea about how the car was behaving. Michael is a great driver; you can give him a suitcase with four wheels and he'll drive it quickly. Schumacher's strength is the driving, that's all."

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    I 100% agree with Irvine, he's not been the same.

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    Michael, as any driver, is only as good as his car.
    Granted, some drivers might be able to pull out a tenth or two from their teammate, but if the car doesn't suit the driver, he won't be fast.

    Rosberg is driving the living daylights out of Schumi because the car just suits him better.

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    I've always had respect for Irvine,mainly for knowing how to enjoy himself and that F1 was another way of doing that and not the be all and end all of his life.He made the sport much more interesting compared to all the boring characters around now and always had an opinion on things(and never afraid to voice it) instead of all the non committal answers you get from drivers nowadays.

    Amusing quotes from Irvine(reading through made me laugh)
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    Eddie: (on a third place at the Italian GP, which turned out to be his final podium finish) It's comforting to know that old farts like myself can still blow the pants off Formula One's young guns.

    Eddie: (on what he said to Log in to see links that made him so upset one time) I didn't call him a fag, I actually said he should stop being a fag and worrying about what I say.

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    Oh dear... 3 mistakes in 3 races/practices.

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    Looks like rain tomorrow, should be interesting.

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    What time does it show in the UK?

    The race starts here at 8 in the morning.
    This morning's free practice was at 3am

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