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    Three Kingdoms (Cracked)

    A Chinese RPG game that is related to the romance of the three kingdoms war. Game is fully cracked and in 240x320.
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    is the game you post englis or also CN/JP or is it just englis??


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    The game is in chinese just like the screenshots .
    And just a friendly note to people new to chinese games and wondering what is cracked in the game , as most of you know , there are some features in chinese game that you have to pay to use , a cracked game allows you to use these features without paying : )

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    I notice that yeah and I found where
    can get 10000000000 gold in the first 2 min and get get lvl ** with it to
    and get gear at lvl 1 req 1 that is like lvl 50 gear probely


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    I need 128x160 pliss!

  6. Default Three Kingdoms [Chinese]

    3Kingdoms Chinese (Similar to AOE)

    Never tried it yet so no comments , anyway screen size is 240x320 and lang is chinese.

    Download link:
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    Thank you, similar to AOE sounds great but it doesnt help if its not english and why keep i hearing about a language called chinese? I still believe theres no such thing as chinese language, am i right? Theres mandarin and others, so what language is it? Just asking out of curiosity

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    Chinese and mandarin is the same , just different names . The only thing about chinese is that there is traditional and simplified chinese.

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    Thanks for the link to an interesting game!
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