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    so all of the things on this site are free?

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    And what do reward points do for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyp2785 View Post
    And what do reward points do for you?
    AFAIK they do nothing....

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    Hi, i'm a new user and I did everything according to the instructions given. Went to the wap website, cliked "get download by ID", typed the ID number for the .mp3 file I wanted to download in the box, and when I got to the page where you should be able to click the "download item" option or whatever it says, it wasn't there. The file name I wanted was on that page where the download option should have been, but instead all there was was one ad link to a game site. Can somebody tell me if i'm doing something wrong or anything?

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    New here... can't get the site to accept my ID and password on my phone. Help please!

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    ive downloaded the java midlet and the other app onto my phone and the games still doesn't seem to work. i have an htc touch. i am trying to get the game Peggle

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    Default Mobyles Don Loads Loads

    Hey~ i have Nokia 7210 supernova. I wanna ask you do we have an wap software to install and use internet free of cos,,, i heard from someone. pls help me out dude.

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    I have an LG bliss with US Cellular. I can'y get the phone and computer to sync so I can't transfer tones form the PC to the phone. I tried using the wap.mobiles24 method. It will let me download but it doesn't save to the phone anywhere. Can anyone help?

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    I downloaded Monopoly Here and Now (176x220) onto my Samsung Gravity T459 and it didn't work. Just a heads up.

    And i have a quick question
    Does anyone know if there are download charges for Rogers?
    because i don't have internet access on my phone, but i got a 24 hour pass to get a game or two. And i just wanted to know if, besides the day pass, rogers would charge anything

  10. Default confused

    Hi, I'm new and maybe i just don't know how to do it, but i follow all the steps and when i hit download, the song begins to play but i have no idea how to actually download it. thanks

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