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  1. Question Another V3x/Java game problem, sorry.....

    Hi forumers, has anyone got any ideas on this V3x/Java game problem I have? (the answer is probably in this forum somewhere but I can't quite find it.) I'll go through it.-I download both the .jad & .jar files to my PC, I then drag & drop both, to the memory card on my V3x, I open the game in "new game". 70% don't work, (error) the other 30% run with or without the .jad file but the phone keys don't correspond with game play ie; (I get to a point where I can't go any further in a game) and some of those games are also very jerky (maybe needs updating there?) Sorry I know I waffle on a bit, see, there I go again.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thankyou, Craig.....

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    download moto midlet manager, i believe that hav a option to change the key layout of a game, if that dont work download javamagic click here. lol and u can also try java adapter.
    plz check out this forum

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    Thanks for the quick responce Karbon Kraits,

    I went to the javamagic site but it's in Chinese or something, (couldn't understand it,) (is that what lol was for?) so I downloaded moto midlets manager, Haven't tried it yet but it looks the business and java adapter seems to be with it. I'll let you know how I go. As you can probably tell I'm both pretty much PC & phone illiterate, thats why I'm here, 1 day I hope to be able to help someone myself, if I live that long.

    Thnx again, Cr@igy B@by.........

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    I have a Motorola Razr too and everytime i install a jar file about 80% of the games dont work as soon as it tries to load the game it crashes back to my main screen and says appilcation error..any ideas why it does this for?

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    What about the games that do work, do they work properly, ie; phone keys match the game? Are some jerky? like 3d dogz?

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    Only a few select games work correctly with keypad. I have ncaa football 2008 and it works great i play it everyday. Thats about the only game that i have had work correctly. I wanted nba live 07 and Nascar 07 but they wont run on my cell phone it closes everytime i open the game it just says application error. If anyone knows how to get these games to work correctly it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Andrew, I did what brbk9948 (thnx again) suggested and donwloaded "moto midlets manager", now I haven 't had time to really have a good look at it and as I stated in my earlier responce I'm pretty much PC & phone illiterate.(still learning) I did get 1 game to work that came up with error previously. This program connects to your phone via usb/PC and reads all games that are on your phone including games supplied with it. You can save games from mobile to PC & visa versa and also manipulate them, ie; change keys, make nokia games compatible with motorola etc. etc. Give it a look & see what you think. Some help from someone including an administrator on the forum that knows this program or can help with any other suggestions would be much appreciated by Andrew & myself.

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    I got thzt application and some games load now but still crash with error message. Is my phone just not compatible or what? I have only gotten one game to fully work with my phone and that was NCAA Football 08 which is fun but i want more games. I tried the .jad and .jar files but they still crash. Any ideas?

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    Motorola phones are crap for games. Thats what i've worked out so far. I have the exact same prob as others here. My bf's phone is a nokia and has all games with no probs. Thats the only solution i have and thats what i'm going to do when i can........ get a nokia

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    Using a moto v6 maxx and have the same issue with the controls. The games run though lol...just goofy control scheme.

    My old phone was a moto rizr and i had no issues with the control scheme on it...but then again i didnt have many games...just zelda and whatever came on it. I think it might have to do with the Razr having so many buttons on the front...more so than most handsets.

    While im no motorola fan boy, Ive had very good luck with their phones and have little problems with them. Motorola Phone tools is a great application and i havent seen any other provider offer a tool that allows you to make your own ringtones using mp3's and easily upload and edit pictures for wallpapers.

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