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  1. Default Favourite Basketball Team and why

    Favourite Basketball Team and why

    Los Angeles Lakers
    Well because there ace
    Tell me urs

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    Cleveland Cavaliers because LeBron James is the best!

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    Houston Rockets they're best
    Tracy Mcgrady is best

    and here is social group for basketball fans every fan is welcome to join

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    Already a member lol
    Thanks anyway

  5. Lightbulb Lakers all the way...

    Been fan since '86... Magic, Kareem, Cooper, Worthy... argh... those were the days

    PS - Kobe... heez aight

  6. Talking Boston Celtics

    Boston Celtics!
    I like how they play on the court, and I like that they get involved in different actions to help people.

    Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Arnold "Red" Auerbach - Legends -

    Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace.

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    im a Vince Carter fan so now Im for the Magic. Next year's finals predictions?

    i say a classic Lakers Celtics. Shaq going to Cleveland was stupid, and Sheed is a good backup for Perkins and he'll help the Celts bench. Ron Artest to Lakers, next season is gonna be HuGe

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    my fave team cavaliers all d way they have good talent but they jus dnt use it and i dnt thnk shaq is nt gna make difference bt i am thinkn theyll make it to the finals ....................otherwise finals is again Lakers and celtics they got a good team dis year
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    Boston Celtics Why? cause they have the most talent and best coach in the sport

    I also watch college basketball. Ole Miss my favorite!!!

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    Street Basketball: Team AND1 because all of its players have crazy dunks and crossovers

    NBA: Phoenix Suns because Steve Nash is one of the greatest PG and he has the crossovers that may breake some ankles

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