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  1. Default the last armor

    according to the equipment screen, there should be four armor and i missing the last one now.
    have anyone found it?
    i explored all of the map and explore it again but can't find it unless there is a secret room.
    plz help.

  2. Default

    The last armour is at the room before you fight Agni ( The Fire Monsters ), it is at the top of the room, but U need the Hyppo Griph jump ( The Infinity Jump ).
    I lost the second armour in the game, I don't know where is the second armor are.

  3. Default

    thank you very much,

  4. Wink Magic seals 4 & 5

    Hello !

    Its only because lm such a wonderful player

    Here are magic seals Nos.

    Magic seal 4 : 21987328

    Magic seal 5 : 217893273382

    You will find magic seal 5 after you defeat the boss
    Of magic seal 4

    The super jump will be found easily after magic seal five
    sorry can't remember now where exactly . Regards

  5. Default

    hey bro!!! i can't get to defeat boss-3!! i can't jump sufficiently high to get magic seal 3 in demon's Guestroom.i can't change to bat form.pls tell me how to proceed!!...........thnkx!!
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  6. Default

    Pretty cool game thanks for sharing it.

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