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    thanxxx... works fine wit my N73 ME

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    i have problem with my n73me. my cell doesn't show installed themes after few days. i dont know where those themes have gone, i cant even install them again, reply if u know the solution

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    can any 1 help me, i m using N73 converted to Music Edition, when i want to install themes on my cell installation guide gives message installation of ________ .sis not suported. this message comes on 50% theme installations and 50% themes are installed. i have changed the date and other application settings too but unable to solve the problem. plz help me.

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    hey buddy really really thanx for this post. I was getting a headache bcuz of this certificate error again and again. ur post helped me totally. thanx again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Users using Nokia S60 handsets will need to edit the phones security settings to install themes...

    Go to: Menu > Tools > App.Mgr > Options > Settings

    Software installation: All
    Online certificate check: Off

    Nokia themes come with a 1 year certificate from the date they are created so you will need to roll back the date on your phone, install the theme, then put your phone back to the current date.

    eh dude i did wat u said..the settings thing but even then it tells me that the certificate has expired...heelllpppp

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    Thanks for that - saved me trawling the instruction book....

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    hello,i also tried the settings and chnaging the dates,yet i still get the Expired Cert warning...any advice plsss??thanks!!

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    nice one thx

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    thanks a lot

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