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  1. Default [Tutorial] Patching DB2020 CID53 phones

    NOTE 1:
    This is only for phones that were not locked when you bought them. If you have a phone that is locked to some network, check this thread in a day or two, I will be putting up another tutorial. The method is a bit different for locked phones.

    NOTE 2:
    I assume that you already know how to use JDFlasher in the “oflash” and “ofs” mode. If you don’t, search on google and get yourself acquainted.

    1.) JDFlasher + FAR Manager (find the latest from google)
    2.) AnyCID bypass files.
    3.) A little understanding. J

    STEP 1:

    In the folder, you will find folders with phone names.

    Now in you mobile press the following key combination:


    Go in service info>>Software info
    You should now see something like this:


    The first line is the important one. It shows the software version of your phone. Now in the anycid folder, find the folder of your phone. For example in the W610 folder you will find a zip file with the name “”
    As you can see, my firmware in the screenshot is R6BC002. but the bypass file is available only for R8BA024. So I have to flash the R8BA024 firmware in my phone first. Similarly, if your firmware version does not exist, flash your phone with the appropriate firmware (using oflash of course).

    Now extract the zip file of your phone’s firmware (“” in my case) in the same folder.
    You will find this file structure:


    This “executor.b” is the bypass file for your phone. Also, in the anycid folder, there is a “” file. Extract it. It contains two files “executor.jar” and “customize_upgrade.xml”
    Now the 3 files i.e “executor.b”, “executor.jar” and “customize_upgrade.xml” are to be uploaded in the phone’s File System, in the folder


    Now you are done with uploading the bypass files.

    Step II

    Now copy your MAIN firmware in this directory: Far\Plugins\jdflasher\rest
    In the above folder, you will also find mkrest2.exe drag and drop the MAIN firmware (.mbn) onto mkrest2.exe
    The program will generate the “rest file” for your phone. Also in the directory, “Far\Plugins\jdflasher\qamaker” copy the MAIN and drag and drop it onto “qamaker.exe”. You will see a .vkp file has been created:

    quick_access_<your phone name>_<firmware version>.vkp

    This is the quick access patch for your phone.

    Step III

    Now in the phone, go to the games folder. You fill find “executor” ****n this “game”. You phone will turn off now. Remove the battery BEFORE THE PHONE TURNS ON!!
    Now start FAR Manager. Press Alt+F1. Select jdflasher. This time, select the script as “qa2020” now. Uncheck the “rsa” option. When you connect the phone now, you will see two options “bflash” and “bfs”.
    Bflash is to be used to patch the firmware. Bfs is same as ofs, but in bfs, you can copy the files from the FS of the phone to the computer. The “b” stands for breakin.

    Now you will have to flash the rest file. Flash it as a babe.
    After flashing the rest file, don’t disconnect the phone!! Now navigate to the folder where you generated quick access patch (the .vkp file). Flash this file to as a vkp patch.
    You now have quick access patch installed in your phone. From now onwards, whenever you want to patch, select “qa2020” enter bflash and patch.


    IMPORTANT: Follow this tutorial at your own risk. If you end up damaging your phone, I am not responsible for it. If your phone stops working, it is not my fault.

    Credits to den_po and the_laser who made the bypass files.
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    hey tekina... i found the patching link lol... btw doesn't flashing yr firmware as the w610i hav 2 b the same as when it was a k550i? (i mean R6BC002)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapc_92 View Post
    hey tekina... i found the patching link lol... btw doesn't flashing yr firmware as the w610i hav 2 b the same as when it was a k550i? (i mean R6BC002)
    Yes, the MAIN should ideally match the FS version. It is generally more stable. But it does not make much of a difference since we are only using different versions for a short time. The phone works fine, but you can't change languages.

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    ohhh... i see... there's 3 things i want 2 ask in that case... (1) what main and fs did u use? (as usual.... if possible please provide links thanks) (2) should i delete everything that i flashed in from b4? (3) should i convert back 2 k550 using seus and then flash it or can i just flash over my w610 firmware?
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    1.) You only need to flash in the W610 R8BA024 MAIN ".mbn". No need to flash the FS. Here's the link: W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53

    2.) No need to delete anything. You won't lose any data (songs, games, pictures, etc) But you will lose some settings (date, time, brightness, etc)

    3.) No need to convert back to K550. Just use the MAIN in the link above. Make sure you use the correct CID. I have given links to both, CID52 as well as CID 53

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    Cool... Gonna try it. Im gonna patch my phone with Elfpacks.

  7. Default doesnt work for me why

    when i go to the step to look in my game folder the in filemanager it doesnt show why is that im using k790a cid 53

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    ok tekina... i've made it up to step 2... i hav everything but the REST file... i got the qa patch but even tho i'm dragging and dropping the main onto mkrest2 its just not working... please help or plz upload the rest file if u still have it... thanks

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    The procedure is a bit different for K550@W610. Here's a mini tutorial:

    What's the point? Why the different procedure?

    The bypass files (executor and all) are available only for R8BA024, but there are not many patches for R8BA024. There are many for R6BC002, so here's what you should do:

    1.) Flash only the MAIN of W610 R8BA024. Don't touch the FS.
    2.) Upload the bypass files as stated in the main tutorial above.
    3.) Go to the games folder in your phone. There you will see "executor"
    4.) Run it. Your phone will turn off. Remove the battery BEFORE THE PHONE RESTARTS.
    5.) Connect to JDFlasher. This time, select script as "qa2020" Uncheck the "RSA" option. Now it will show you two other options, "bflash" and "bfs".
    6.) Enter "bflash". Now flash the R6BC002 MAIN. WITHOUT DISCONNECTING THE PHONE, flash the quick access patch as described above.
    7.) From now onwards, use qa2020 script and bflash whenever you want to patch.

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    alright everything's good now... i applied the elf patches as well... now all i need is som good elves any suggestions? btw thanks 4 all the help

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