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    ok well i translated it and stuff but i c the patches sumthing like this

    ; W610 SW-R8BA024
    ;Просмотр TPA в прочем ; View TPA in other
    ;Look TPA in Other ; Look TPA in Other
    ;© Crystal ; © Crystal
    ;(p) 2007KrasH ; (p) 2007KrasH
    45710950: 2F0075007300650072002F006F007400680065007200 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 45710950: 2F0075007300650072002F006F007400680065007200 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0

    or in russian

    ;W610 SW-R8BA024
    ;Просмотр TPA в прочем
    ;Look TPA in Other
    ;© Crystal
    ;(p) 2007KrasH
    45710950: 2F0075007300650072002F006F007400680065007200 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    wat am i to do wit this now??
    i mean in terms of transferring
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    Which firmware version do you have?

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    tekina, what does it mean if your firmware version is N/A?

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    Every phone has to have a firmware version (unless its Neptune platform)

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    Sorry, i mean CID

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    what exactly is the hex code??? and when u put the patch info ino notepad and save it, what encoding r u using? wen i save it with the ANSI encoding, the strange language(russian i think) becomes question marks, however, that's the only way it can be patched to the phone as a vkp file... if i use a diff encoding eg Unicode, Unicode big endian or UTF-8 it says error in line 1 plz help me out thank you

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    all the main is written in hex code. patches are made by opening the main with winhex (or some other hex editor). If it works in ANSI, why do you want it in Unicode ??

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    well i want it in unicode because wen i use ANSI all the russian language becomes question marks watch:

    original code in Unicode, Unicode big endian or UTF-8:

    ;W610 SW-R8BA024
    ;Убрать подтверждение при принятии файла через bluetooth/etc
    ;Remove "accept file? (yes/no)" prompt when receiving files over bluetooth/etc.
    ;(c) the_laser
    ;(p) Ploik
    19521fc: 9936 ED38

    code in ANSI:

    ;W610 SW-R8BA024
    ;?????? ????????????? ??? ???????? ????? ????? bluetooth/etc
    ;Remove "accept file? (yes/no)" prompt when receiving files over bluetooth/etc.
    ;(c) the_laser
    ;(p) Ploik
    19521fc: 9936 ED38

    so i'm not sure if i should go along with it... so u tell me wat 2 do ok thanks again

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    Use ANSI, the text written in russian is just a comment. All the important parts of the patches are just numbers.
    The ? won't cause any problems.
    Although you could still try UTF if you want to.

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    ohhh ok thanks... i tried it and it worked!!!! thanks a lot u guys... btw tekina do u remember where u got yr walkman 2.5 patch?... and i'm looking 4 a privacy patch as well plz help thanks

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