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  1. Default Nokia 3110 classic

    hey everybody i'm just new here and i wanted to ask about sumtin
    i just bought the Nokia 3110 classic wich is S40 and i was thinkin about having themes and stuff i've got a bluetooth so it's fine
    anyway i downloaded S40 Theme Studio 2.2 and started to do my own themes, it's workin fine but i've got only one problem that the main screen or the idle screen got 2 blue lines up and down over the BG pic wich doesn't appear on the design
    to be specific i'm workin on 128*160 and that blue lines on the top sowing the clock,signal,...etc but not the BG, on the buttom also showing the buttons names
    i donno what to do it look really suck
    need help thanx alot

  2. Default not alone

    I've got the same problem, it looks horrible, I'm really looking forward to hearing from someone who knows how to solve this terrible problem...

  3. Default

    I solved the problem, by installing the theme but not every theme solves it, I downloaded about 5 themes and only one matched, I will check why only one worked and give you the information.

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