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  1. Default GBA Pokemon Games, Requests & Help

    Hey guys, impressed with the pokemon silver game, works on my nokia 6300 fine, just wondering whether there was any glitches/cheats within it, so u can dupe pokemon etc.

    I know there was one for the GBA but i can't remember it, and i aint too sure whether it would work on the mob.


  2. Default pokemon game

    i downloaded the pokemon crystal on my computer but i cant seem to install it to my celphone. it keeps saying i dont have enough space or something like tha even thought i have lots of memory. what should i do? i have a nokia 6300 phone

  3. Wink Ops!

    this can be that game isnt for nokia 6300!
    The game ERROR only say :memory is full!
    but this game isnt for nokia 6300!

  4. Default

    install on my SE but runs like [Profanity Removed] tbh like 0-4 fps the FF3 on runs but its russian

  5. Default

    U'll need MeBoy Gameboy Game Emulator for that. And i think it dsnt work for 6300. Sorry that i can't post a link here coz i 4got where 2 get it. If u google it, i'm sure u'll find it.

  6. Exclamation

    Google is most popular place!
    In the google i have met the!
    Good or what!

  7. Default Need Help with Pokemon game

    i downloaded pokemon yellow with the emulator and it plays fine except i cant save the game..can anyone help me out (and if anyone has any other versions of pokemon 240 320 id appreciate if u could upload it for me..thanks

  8. Default

    try this way

    first u save the pokemon game after playing for sometime

    then u press the right button and unload cart

    if u exit immediately it will not be save

    to confirm if u have save the game to back to the Meboy press on new game

    select the one that u have save enter it and you should be able to see a continue

    to prevent less lagg show your framerate

  9. Default

    hi men, i have all the colection of pokemon to cel phones,but i acnt post here because went i put the games to upload here an a noticed tell me something that i cant understand.. i speak spanish

  10. Default

    thanks so much sunker, it worked...and nelspro if u figure out how to upload those please put them here, thanks

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