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    w580i is not really a good phone. first thing it is made of plastic so it breaks easily. the feartures are a bit boring but this sports thing is cool because it counts how many steps you have walked. so really it demends on the person if you like it or not.

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    the mobile is really nice and man i stepped on my mobile w580i twice.. and my friend dropped it from the bike at a speed of 40 mph and still its cool nice and a bit of scratches though i will get the body replaced who says that plastci is negative in this phone its fundoo it dpesnt break what the proiblem according to me is the keypad.. my keys are loosing there colours but no worries i can always have my body changed yippiee!

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    Really? Can just change the body? I didn't know that >.<

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    i have this phone from 2 months and beleve me its great and it fell 3times and really bad falls but still as good as new and about the flash thing guys this is w series so they foucs on the music formats that can be played which is great so i dont see abetter sony ericsson phone at the time this is my opinion..

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    by the way i was talking about w850i not w580 sorry my fault

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    Quote Originally Posted by takataka Log in to see links
    Bought it 3 days ago, a nice phone the only thing i can complait about it is that it doesn't have a flash other than that it does the job8)
    not that expensive...all neccesary functions
    This was the easiest to use phone ever! I waited for ages to get hold of it because of the features, usability etc but by day four, four of the keys had cracked so I phoned O2 & they said they had not had any other complaints but would send a replacement. By day 10, 9 out of 12 buttons were cracked & now I've seen these reviews & realise I am not alone. I noticed yesterday that 02 are no longer showing this phone (urban grey) on their pay monthly shop so it looks like they may have withdrawn it.
    The query about the Log in to see links, I had the same problem then realised you have to push it down deep inside until it clicks. You probably need to push it with a pair of tweezers or something as I certainly couldn't push it right down with my nails, which are short. This also goes against the reviewer who said the buttons were cracking because people were using their nails. This isn't the case it is just badly made I am afraid. Great phone but poor quality.
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    I agree i bought this phone about last month and it is still in mint condition no buttons cracked in anyway.So i think you just better take good care of them and then you will get your hard earned money out of it.Plus it is not me cause i send about 50 texts every 2 days

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    yes, i bought my sony ericsson w580i 2 weeks ago, case cracked, and 3 buttons have cracked also

    it ****** me off so badly

    other than that, its sexy =)

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    Yeah my w580i has three cracked keys, and iv prolly had it almost a month now. I guess it just depends on how you use it, but also the way your phone was made...The first day i got mine, it froze completely, I didnt drop it at all, and the batter was riddicously horrible, like it had alrdy been through a year. I brought it in and they gave me a new one. does sony ericson offer warranty for these malfunctions (the cracked buttons and stuff) cause alot of people are having these problems.

    other than that,i love my phone its incredibly sexy...i even said once it was sexier than my gf o.O lol she laughed but its great tons of cool features and the LIGHTS omg the lights are sick lol

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    Its a sick phone but my numbers cracked to the 3,5,7 cheap fuckers using shitty plastic lol. A flash would be better for the phone but its a decent phone

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