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  1. Default List of games that work for Blackberry!

    awesome website for games, only problem almost none of these games work for blackberries, I have a pearl 8120 and i'll use my daily downloads to test games and post here which ones work so I'll update it when I find ones, feel free to help Note I have a pearl, the games that work on mine might not work on yours.

    here's the list thus far:
    Name ---link ---comment

    Final Fantasy X Fantasy War --- ---plays very slow on my pearl

    Knight Tales - Land Of Bitterness (128x128) --- ---very small screen

    Metal Walker ---

    Quest for alliance 2 ---

    That's it so far, it's tough for us blackberry users, another great website I found was [Linking to competing and/or commercial websites are strictly forbidden games] there come in .alx and .cod so you can download by application loader software.
    Thanks all
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    sorry got distracted downloading Game boy roms on my phone, works great I'll try more from this website after I beat pokemon and stuff

  3. Default BB compatible games

    I'll add a few more to the list. I was able to get the following working on my BB Pearl 8130:

    Arkanoid Deluxe
    Atari Legends 2
    Atari Legends 3
    Arcade Park (3-pk clones of Pac Man, Asteroids, and Break Out)

    This is the total that I got to work out of 30-40 tests, and even some of these have limited functionality, due to the fact that they seem to be old cell phone games, and need the Dial and Disconnect buttons to access menus. Since those buttons work differently on BB, you have to get creative to get around that limitation.

  4. Question games that work on the blackberry 8520 curve

    Does anyone know what games work on the blackberry curve 8520

  5. Default link

    hey shayan could you private me the link that got erased for the other site

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    mere 8300 model me game instal nahe ho rahe

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    I will try it soon thank you for sharing here.

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