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    Quote Originally Posted by mehaksamrat Log in to see links
    is it k to sync iphone4 wid pc.
    as some people says after sync the apps of iphone4 get removed??
    plss help guys...
    It's fine. Removing app never happen automatically. The thing you able to install on iPhone is copies/transferred in iTunes. That's all. Even if you are using cracked ipa's means you have "App sync" installed through cydia.
    But if you sync with other iTunes and want to add music then it will erase all data from iPhone to create new iTunes files. In that case you must have backup of your previous iTunes backup. Like app music and all that. But this happens only if ou change your pc/ Mac.

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    even if you do that iTunes will ask the confirmation "yes" to erase. You can say no

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    hey can you tell me the processor of sync.?????????
    then only i can able to do.

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    What process ??? It's just sync. All it did is save your phone data in case you have to update or restore. All involve in process is launch iTunes connect iPhone and hit Sync button in device/iPhone tab. That's it. Plz specify what you want exactly and which device you are using. It's status like unlocked/locked/jailbroken. That will be easy to answer you

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    k.i ll try.
    i m using iphone4 and its unlocked..

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    I am using "iPhone 4
    Factory Unlocked
    iOS 4.3.3 "
    That's mine how about your. Unlocked means factory unlock or Ulttasnow unlock or gravy sim unlock ???
    If you are using any other than factory unlock be aware while using iTunes - from updating software. I suggest don't use it on the pc connected to Internet

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    i dont know which factory unlock it is...??????

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    Factory unlock means free to use any sim from Apple it will never get locked. And other unlocks are made by hackers to unlock at & t iPhones to work on others.

    If you don't know what you are using stay away from new iOS update. You really look a new users right from A b c. Use google for extra help. Good luck

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    It look like ou are beginner
    1. Download iTunes from apple
    2. Create a free iTunes account. It's simple. You can google it how to
    3. Download any free app from store
    4. Add your music to iTunes. Autorize you account to the PC you are using. It'd in the iTunes settings. 4/5 tab on top bar. Last lab in that tab. Autorize audible account.
    5. Disconnect net
    6. Set all automatic preferences to manual. That's just uncheck them in edit/preferences
    7. Connect your iPhone to PC. Sync.
    8. Don't worry if it erase your data. That's not too much big deal
    9. Add the music you want
    10. For cracked ipa's do to cydia install hackulous repo(google it how to add) and install the app "INSTALLOUS" and app sync 4.3
    11 INSTALLOUS is replica of app store with cracked ipa links. Download and install on phone. They will be copied/transferred to iTunes in sync
    12. You can also add cracked ipa to iTunes library Drag n drop
    13. Don't worry about the app and music you might lost in the process that you are having currently on iPhone cause it's once for all process
    14. You can download any of app you want from many sites like filedude/file ape or request here. Drag it to iTunes. All done.
    15. Same thing for iBooks as music. Hope it help you.

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    The first step to sync the iPhone to computer is very simple: plug the cable that came with the iPhone into a USB port on your computer and the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone. When you plug the cable in, your phone will begin to sync. The rest of the iPhone sync process happens in iTunes.The first screen you come to is the iPhone management screen. If offers basic overview and option information about your phone. Click to other screens via the tabs at the top. The boxes on this screen do the following:
    In the iPhone box at the top of the screen, you'll see a picture of your iPhone, the phone's name, storage capacity, version of the iOS it's running, serial number, and your phone number.
    This box lets you:

    Check to see if you have the latest version of the iOS and, if not, update it
    Restore your iPhone to factory settings or from an earlier backup.

    Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected - Ensures that iTunes launches and syncs the phone when you connect it. Consider unchecking this if you connect your iPhone to multiple computers or play your music through other computers.
    Sync only checked songs and videos - Useful if your iTunes library is bigger than your iPhone's capacity. Uncheck the small box to the left of songs/video you don't want to sync.Prefer standard definition videos - Designed to conserve disk space. This option ensures that, if you've got both HD and standard definition versions of a video, the smaller standard definition version is synced.Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC - Converts songs to the AAC format during syncing. This helps conserve space if your songs are encoded in other formats or at higher bitrates, which results in larger files.Manually manage music and videos - Disables automated syncing. Instead, allows you to manually add and remove all content on your iPhone. Not recommended unless you've got a specific reason.
    Encrypt iPhone backup - Puts a password on your iPhone backup files so others can't access your data.
    Configure Universal Access - Turns on accessibility options for people with hearing or visual impairments.
    This bar displays your phone's capacity and how much space each type of data takes up. Click on the text below the bar to see additional information about each kind of data.The Sync button on the bottom right should be clicked when you've made changes to your settings and want to update the phone.

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