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  1. Default Does not work with BB5 plataform

    For DCT-1 until DCT-4 ok, but BB5 this .jar doesn't work .

    About BB5 see wikipedia : Base_Band_5

    Quote Originally Posted by nisx91 Log in to see links
    You can also find the Security code for many Nokia phones without using any data cables with this calculator. Just enter the IMEI of the phone (press *#06# on your phone).

    Attachment 24890

    Attachment 24889

    (Its a PC app and needs Java to be installed on your computer)

  2. Default

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2 and NSS stoped (Not Reponding) after a few seconds I click "scan" button.
    I tried to re-install and keep the same.
    Used NSS version

  3. Default

    for my 5200 its a good software no virus nothing but whn i reached to 5th record,
    it shows like this '5=39383734353633323100'
    so my security password should be this '98745' or this '98745621' or this '9874562100'
    help me i am confused, i tried all above but none of them works wht should i do?
    pls Mail me : Log in to see links

  4. Default master code for nokia n72

    can u plz tel me da master code for my handset nokia n72(phone unlocking keY

  5. Question pls help. provided method not working for 3110c

    NSS method of finding the security code is not working in my Nokia 3110c model---imei- [REMOVED: Please do not post IMEI Numbers]. (pm file given below)


    Also help regarding flashing. thx
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  6. Default

    Not working for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music - thre is no 5= line in section nr. [308]. Any solution?

  7. Default Unlock Solutions for you

    ...I am using the Nokia N95 model mobile..I unlocked it using the UNLOCK CODE purchased in here at low cost ****************.com ....For security Unlocking the mobile You can Unlock it via the master reset code..You can get through the or ****************

  8. Default Problem with Nokia 6301b

    I've got a problem with this Nokia Model 6301b... My dad just bought this Phone at US then he gave it to me... The problem is i can't enter into the phone because of the phone restriction code.... I don't know the restriction code for this phone... I hope someone can help me how to solve this problem...
    The Imei for this phone is [REMOVED: Please do not post IMEI Numbers]...

    If anyone can tell me the info or the code...
    Just email me at aremint*************...

    Thank you in advance...
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  9. Default

    I can't solve your security problem but NEVER post IMEI numbers ! It is a unique number for your phone so unless you actually want your phone cloned and end up paying for someone else's phone calls,texts etc keep it a secret-just like you shouldn't post your PIN for your bank card .

  10. Post Compitablility to RM 436

    How can i found that my phone rm is 436 and which code for debranding firmware is compitable to my phone. Help me I want to make debrand of my phone.
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