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  1. Default Galaxy on Fire 2 [by Fishlabs 2009]

    Final Galaxy On Fire 2 Trailer !!!!

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    Check out the official and final mobile game trailer of Galaxy on Fire™ 2, sequel of our award-winning space shooting and trading simulation! GOF2 is going to be release end of February.

    This trailer looks FREAKIN AWESOME !!!
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    I read about needing 10.000. credits to play it?what are they?I hope that they're not dollars lol
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    tnx for info.+ rep 4 u

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    how do u know the price - is it out already????

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaIV Log in to see links
    not 10.000

    Its 100.000 Fishlabs Credits , You can buy them for real money in myFishlabs system ( Log in to see links )

    And 100.000 cost : 5,97 €
    ok, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobensingh Log in to see links
    how do u know the price - is it out already????
    Nope, it was said by Fishlabs worker in their forums

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    best game for java so far

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    wow looks fullysik.

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    More screenshots

    Text (translated):

    Galaxy on Fire 3D Airgamer got in a 93% rating, which was with us until now, only the unofficial "successor" Deep 3D: Submarine Odyssey with 94% beat. At the end of February has come, Galaxy on Fire 2 is for Java-enabled mobile phones.

    In this mobile game is about, in an expandable spacecraft to explore the Universe, missions to meet and trade. You can use 100 in 3D presented unique space stations to visit and meet people and aliens.

    The special feature of this release is that this mobile game to download for free will. After about two hours playing time in two solar systems, you must register online if you want to continue playing.
    Then you may have five other systems to explore before the game for 5.97 euros to buy them. Provided you want the other twelve solar systems are also still exploring.

    Wormhole looks awesome

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    MAN MAN MAN!!!

    Somebody wait for heroes lore


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