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  1. Default MobilePad v2.1 -- PPC WM5, WM6

    MobilePad v2.1 (Freeware)
    Requirements: PPC WM5, WM6 - .NET CF v3.5
    Overview: obilePad is a light, speedy text document editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone.

    eatures included:
    - Customize Auto-Save.
    - Send current document as SMS.
    - Send current document as Email.
    - Save and Insert custom Signature.
    - Call or SMS valid highlighted phone number right from your document.
    - Supported Landscape mode.
    - Now support TXT, XML, INI, and LOG extension.
    - Small and speedy.

    SMS charges depend on your Carrier and Plan.

    Currently Working on:
    - Zoom option (thx torpie13, NotLutzik).
    - Save selected phone number as a new Contact.
    - Finger scrolling (thx torpie13).
    - Adding insert bullets.
    - Adding insert numerical order.
    - Adding insert alphabetical order.
    - Find, Find and Replace (thx NotLutzik).
    - Code formatting support (thx fards).
    - Include html htm file extentions supported (open save) and associated by the app (thx torpie13).

    This application should be compatible with all Windows Mobiles 5 and 6 version. I collected most of my test results on QVGA and VGA emulator. Though, I also tested the application on my HTC Touch Diamond running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

    Update Description:
    - Fixed bug that causes Contact to not change when re-selecting Contact for SMS.
    - Improved sending SMS feature.
    - Added send text via email.
    - Added insert signature. (thx NotLutzik)
    - Added import new SMS to a new tab. (Experimenting, can be removed if it gets annoying)
    - Fixed character count for current text editor (doesn't count new line). However, when you actually send SMS, carrier count new line as 2 characters. So, I have provided both actual character count and SMS character count. (reported by hanackin) thanks.
    - Clean up codes to maximize speed.
    - Fixed text area when SIP is deployed.
    - Added Landscape support.
    - Added sending current text as SMS functionality.
    - Added Sending SMS to valid selected phone number.
    - Added Phone call to valid selected phone number in text editor.
    - Added xml, log, ini files support. (thx torpie13)
    - Multitab (thx torpie13)

    Download Instructions:

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    Please post an versin that does not require .net CF 3.5.
    May be an olderversion meanwhile any of you does have Orneta pdf reader for WM6 Standard OS?

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