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  1. Question Blackberry Curve 8330 games

    When will you guy's have games for the Blackberry Curve 8330???

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    I AM SO ****** TOO...the man is right...
    where the hell are they........Blackberry Curve 8330 games !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That makes 3 of us so far

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    make that 4!!

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    I have a pearl, so I'm assuming I can't get games on here either. Actually having a heck of a time even getting ringtones on here!

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    There are many,many Blackberry games here. Check the screen size to closest match and just download them to computer(ie..*jad,*jar) The easiest way for me is to, USB files to SD card and install from the Blackberry(bypass the Desktop Media Manager) the phone will either "Like" or "Dis-like" the app.
    only issue ive had is with special button configuration for some phones.

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    do emulators work on the curve?

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    4 In A Row
    BMW Racing
    Tankzors Pro
    Grand Master's Chess
    Jewel Spin
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