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    Please post your LG KP500 reviews and opinions in this topic.

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    This phone has a issue of restarting itself sometimes.

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    yeah thats started happening to me recently, although the other day it reset itself completely . still a great phone tho

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    touchscreen phones are now the next new thing in mobile generation. All brands probably have one or definitely will soon. the htc touch diamond, sony erricson x1 (xperia) and the iphone are all great examples of touchscreen phones but have one common factor, the price. The phones are exceptionally expensive and only the people that are not suffering from the credit crunch have one, but dont worry about it! because LG have released an exceptional phone called the lg kp500 aka the 'cookie', So, the arrival of the first sub Ł100 pay-as-you-go touch phone, LG KP500 Cookie, couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

    although many LG phones have been realesed before and after the cookie, they are are expensive and in my opinion more or less the same as the cookie, or worse!

    The LG KP500 brings a stylish full-touch mobile handset to the populace which stands at just 11.9mm thick which is very slim for a lg handset and could possibly be the most affordable mobile handset from LG, but does not cut on the expense of style.
    so lets get on with the features shall we?
    The LG KP500 Cookie is an affordable all touchscreen handset with a widget friendly interface and incorporates a full web browser, and will be available in “Elegant Gold”, “Anodizing Silver” ,“Vandyke Brown,” and of course Black.

    firstly to begin with the lg cookie has three small buttons on the bottom. this is for: toolbar, hold call and drop call. On the main screen there are 4 main widgets, for message,main menu,contacts and dialing.On the right-hand side of the Cookie, there’s a screen lock button and camera quick access key, plus a microSD port to increase the meager 48MB of memory to up to 8GB.

    On the other side of the device is the volume adjustment keys and proprietary port for charging and hooking up to your PC. Naturally for LG handsets, this port is also for the headphones, which means there’s no room for 3.5mm cans.

    the lg cookie has a 3 megapixel camera. although the camera has no auto focus or flash the camera isnt as bad as you may think it is. it has many options for editing the picture there and then when taken, some include light balance, black and white, file size and many more. When recoding a video with the lg cookie your not going to be upset. a little widget pops up for zooming, pausing or stopping. also once finished recording a few more widgets will appear on the side for you to explore.

    A built in music player provides the user with music entertainment which whirls the KP500 into an entertainment devices as well as brilliant communication devices. The music player supports WMA format, MP3 music format & AAC format. The user can manage & store their music files on their handset or memory card (micro sd up to 8gb). LG headphones are also provided with the phone so you can listen to music on the go. The user can transfer music files from other devices such as the user's personal computer, laptop or portable music player using the connectivity options including bluetooth and cable are available on the device. A built in radio features allows the user to enjoy a whole new listening experience by tuning into the users favorite radio station to enjoy a music listening evaluation, news information & much more. the user can also access their music with a quick touch on the mp3 widget icon on top of the wallpaper which is easy and fun to use.

    the LG cookie is a fantastic phone to get your gaming on. The user can download games to suit their gaming needs. LG`s m-toy is also included for extra excitement.The user can use the 'shake, shake'-accelerometer method of turning an twisting to increases the lively game experience. all java games work on the lg cookie no matter if they are built for touch screen phones or not, as a small keypad pops up onto the screen where the user can touch the side,up,left and down key to play. Although there are a few games preinstalled there are no applications which is a downside towards the phone.

    there are also many other fun activities you can muck around with on this phone. It includes the drawing pannel a bit like your computers paint file where you can choose the colour,thickness style of you pencil,spray or paint brush. also a movie studio is a great way to jazz up your photos. in this you can choose from a range of installed video styles where you can upload you pictures so the movie studio can make them into a fun intresting movie! which is always great to show off infront of your friends.

    The LG Cookie has a good browser though it has slow reading web pages, most likely because it's only running on EDGE and has no WiFI or 3G. The user can surf the internet as the KP500 cookie mobile phone supports HTML/XHTML and WAP 2.0 web browsing technologies,The EDGE and GPRS technologies provide not only a speedy service but a good quality of service especially for data transfers. The user can connect their LG KP500 mobile phone with ease to other compatible devices with the USB and Bluetooth with A2DP technologies. The KP500 operates on a Quad-band network and covers GSM-850/900/1800/1900 enabling the user to use the roaming facilities as and when abroad. The LG KP500 supports a document viewer which enables the user to view documents in XLS, DOC and PDF formats.
    although its nothing compared to the iphone web browsing the cookie deffinetly isnt far behind.

    The LG Cookie mobile phone comes with SMS, MMS (multi-media messaging), Emailing and Predictive text messaging services. The user can choose from many way of which texting another person. hand writing recognition can be used with the stylus which is fitted in on the the side of the slim phone. the normal keypad way can also be used for those who are less bothered or old fashioned, but not to forget the lg cookie has a touch screen qwerty keyboard! its fast and easy to use and is surprisingly very responsive.

    as many think, the lg cookie has a fantastic interface main screen. it is totally user friendly and absolutely enjoyable to use. widgets including mp3,radio,calender,clock,world time, and notes are all professionally tucked away but can be pulled by a swift touch of an arrow where you can drag and drop onto the wallaper for easy access. also with a quick slide on the wallpaper a second wallpaper will appear. this is for your speed dial. you can add up to 10 people on the speed dial main screen. once you tap a person you can send them a message, call, email or you can edit their profile. an image of the person (if taken and saved) will also appear. As you can see the lg cookie definetlly gets a 10 out of 10 for user friendly.

    as said before the cookie does not include 3g or wifi, auto focus or flash in the camera, no video call and no applications preinstalled. although there are minor disadvantage the lg cookie pays it back by giving you an exeptional touch experiance and only being an outstanding 100 quid! so if your not that demanding or not put back you may wont one of these in your pockets as soon as you can!

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    i have this phone and i think its a pretty good touch screen depends on the user i think.

  6. Unhappy

    ..also wen you deleted some folders, after a while it comes back again

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    Quote Originally Posted by shad Log in to see links
    yeah thats started happening to me recently, although the other day it reset itself completely . still a great phone tho
    I got the phone 2 days ago and i seem to have the restarting issue too, but it only seems to occur when i am browsing my music, has anyone else noticed this?

  8. Question

    yeah thats started happening to me recently, although the other day it reset itself completely.especially when I go to speed dial and click the folder icon on 1 of the speed dial box. Is this reaaly the problem of kp500? is there anyone can answer?

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    there are with a doubt many problems with this fone and the fact is it is a good touchscreen fone for 100 pounds. but once again it has any problems wid it.

    i thynk ive lernt dat if u want sumink good u should wait until u got the money for it..( iphone, samsung pixon etc)

  10. Red face

    Hi, i'm new here, had my cookie since feb, i think the cookie for the price is a good little phone and will do me till i save for the arena or renoir or may be somthin else by then,lol I have to say i'm stuck on touch screen now, i've added ebudy and opera mini, only thing i'm lacking is a flash for the camera and wifi, but hey got a camera and me puter so i can live with that for the now,

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