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    Arrow [FAQ] How to install Java Games on Samsung U600

    1. Transfer the .jar & .jad files to the Other Files folder. You can transfer the files using Samsung PC Studio Phone Explorer, or you can transfer the files to the memory card and move them to the Other Files folder from the phone's menu.
    2. Exit all menus and Dial: *#9998*4678255# - This will activate the Java Install menu.
    3. On your phone, Go to the Other Files folder >> Select the .jad file >> Press Options (Left touch key) >> Message displays: Do you want to install >> Press Yes to install.

    Note: To deactivate Java install, dial the same code again and the 'Deactivated' message will popup.

    You will need to use games that support a screen resolution of 240x320 which can be found in our Free Java Games Section. (Please be aware that some games may not be compatible with this handset)

    You may need to shorten file titles and remove any spaces or special characters before transferring games to the U600.

    The information in this tutorial was gathered from different sources on the internet and compiled here by myself. I don't own the Samsung U600 so I will not be able to answer some technical questions.

    If this tutorial does not work, please try this alternative tutorial found HERE

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  2. Default please help me

    Please tell me how to install games on my u600. I did all according to your instructions but my mobile shows it "unsupported file". Please help me how can i do it.

  3. Default wrong button

    Please tell me how to install games on my u600. I did all according to your instructions but my mobile shows it "unsupported file". Please help me how can i do it.
    I suspect that u pressed the centre nav button instead of the options button on the .jad file..

    you shouldnt get that error message if u press options

    however i dare say ull get a different error msg when u do press the correct button.. the very same msg every1 seems to be getting "Java error. Invalid format" if u do get it working tho let us know what u did

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    wen i click the .jad file on the options there is no install there, and then it just says error if i push the middle button (samsung u600)

    ** edit ** java error and unsupoorted, it says
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  5. Default To share my experiences

    hi all,
    I just tried to install the Java games yesterday. I found out that the main problem that most people encountered the message "Jave error, Invalid Format" or something like that. I was in same situation at the beginning. However,after few times of failure, I found out that the main reason is the attached .jad file downloaded from the website. so please go to google and download the jadmaker software. then use that software to create a new .jad file. After that just follow the instructions as given above and should be ok. I tried already, it works.

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    Hi hokkilah, there was a bug with our JAD download system which I have just fixed. Therefore, there is no longer any need to create your own JAD files.

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

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    This doesn't appear to work with me, I also get the "Java error, invalid format" error, even when I make my own .jad files.

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    It didn't work for me neither. I tried downloading via wap but still it doesn't worK

  9. Default Just wondering...

    Could this whole java game thing on U600 be a country thing?. Like Singapore's U600 can't install games? Any Sgians that managed to get the games to work on your mobiles out there?

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    I'm from England and I can't get it to work either, so it probably isn't a country problem.

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