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  1. Default how do i download games to my lg voyager???

    i wanna download the mobile games to my pc then add them to my do i do this????

  2. Default samsung m3200

    i cant get jar games to work neither tried everthing and even tried to change file extension from jar to jad and when i thought at last it had worked my phone cut out and reset and cant find any codes to put on calling screen tried others but nothing happens even tried jad makek but when installed both of them on phone i and try to install game via jad file it says cant find jar file but its there any one help plz

  3. Default

    does that code number thing work in a samsung j600?
    cos for me to get some games on my fone is by getting the wap website thing and downloading it from there

  4. Default jar size over max

    got games to work games need to be 240X320 to fit my screen size but if jar file is over 500kb it wont install in phone memory but on the m3200 you have 50mb internal free and was supplied with a 1gb micro sd card any way to change the jar file size so that my phone will accept games over 500kb?

  5. Default

    hi guys i've got a u100 is there anyway to get this working for that as tried the code and it just said not done???

  6. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    1. Transfer the .jar & .jad files to the Other Files folder. You can transfer the files using Samsung PC Studio Phone Explorer, or you can transfer the files to the memory card and move them to the Other Files folder from the phone's menu.
    2. Exit all menus and Dial: *#9998*4678255# - This will activate the Java Install menu.
    3. On your phone, Go to the Other Files folder >> Select the .jad file >> Press Options (Left touch key) >> Message displays: Do you want to install >> Press Yes to install.

    Note: To deactivate Java install, dial the same code again and the 'Deactivated' message will popup.

    You will need to use games that support a screen resolution of 240x320 which can be found in our Free Java Games Section. (Please be aware that some games may not be compatible with this handset)

    You may need to shorten file titles and remove any spaces or special characters before transferring games to the U600.

    The information in this tutorial was gathered from different sources on the internet and compiled here by myself. I don't own the Samsung U600 so I will not be able to answer some technical questions.

    I did everything you said. but when i go to the other file and click on left Option button, i dont see any option says Do you want to install. Please help me!!

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  8. Default Samsung 3010

    The same problem for my Samsung 3010s. Is there a problem with Samsung phones? Please respond.

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