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    It's either your firmware or just the games off this site.

  2. Default Samsung E950

    plezz help me!!!

    i got samsung e950 and non of the things work on my phone i cant install any games help me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolypsiS Log in to see links

    ...I followed your instructions precisely, activated java install, renamed the zip files to .jar and moved them to the 'other files' folder on the phone's memory. I noticed that the .jar files appear on windows explorer as a 'Nokia Application Installer File', maybe this is the problem.

    You could't just rename the .zip files to .jar to fool the cell. Actually the .zip files need to be un zipped in your PC to generate the final files. By right click it on you PC,

  4. Cool Samsung U600 Games

    I've tried everything to get java games working on my U600 phone, but it was useless until I've tried to download them via wap just to see if it is a compatibility problem or something else. So, I've downloaded two games (Mahjong and Leisure Suit Larry), previously not working with to-PC download, and they are working perfectly. My conclusion is that there is no compatibility problem, although I wouldn't try to download every game via wap to check them all. Still, the problem with PC installation remains unworked. I've try to flash my phone and upgrade firmware, but it still doesn't work. I've still one possibility, that is an idea that came up to me. I'll try it tonight, when I come back home, so expect another post about it. After that, I will wait for someone else to crack the problem and hope he/she will post a solution, and continue to download (from time to time ) the games from this site.

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    hi guys,

    pretty new to this, just got the u600 after having a sgh e350 for years!!!!
    well so far so good, managed to get my pictures and my music over to the new phone, struggling with the games though! ive tried everything in this thread about jar and jad files, so then i thought why not download it straight to my wap phone instead of through my pc (like nedim did).
    The file dowloaded fine and completed succesfully but now i cant find it anywhere!! its not in my other files, it not in the games...
    any body got any idea where this game has gone once i downloaded it to my phone???
    many thanks

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    I really don't know where is this file, because I've had the option to install the game, and then I've found it installed in my Java world/My games folder... Hope this helps...

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    hi every one. pls help me how to download a java game. tried all the instructions but still not work. pls.. help me. wat kind of game you install on your phone solypsis?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ahmed_sp66 Log in to see links
    hi, i was wondering where can i get the jad and the jar files from

    The jar file is the main game so you will always have that, not all phones need a jad file so if you download a game and it only has a jar file then you can make a jad file to go with it useing the software below.

    How to use this program?
    There are 3 ways.

    1) Run JADMaker. Drag and drop a JAR file onto the window. JAD generated. That's it!

    2) Drag and drop a JAR file onto the JADMaker.exe icon in a Windows Explorer window.
    This means you can also create a desktop shortcut to JADMaker.exe, and then drop JAR file(s) onto the shortcut.

    3) Once the "Make JAD" Explorer Context-Menu extension is enabled (by checking it in the program),
    you can right click on any JAR file(s) for a quick "Make JAD".

    Remember that you can process multiple JAR files at one time (=batch procesing).
    Just select multiple files, and use any of the ways above (this is really the icing on the cake!).

    With so many ways to get your JAD file, you are spoilt for choice!!!
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    hi everyone,
    I am from Turkey and using a different model of Samsung. still same problem occurs. actually it is very complicated and difficult to install java games. I am not sure if I can translate it correctly (my English is poor) I found a site that provide convenient jar and jad files for each type of Samsung models. maybe that can help;
    [URL Removed]
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    I've got samsung e900 and i also get this same message , anyone help?

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