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  1. Default Sharingan theme

    Could u help me make an anime theme (naruto)
    the wallpaper is a sharingan ... hopefully it spins ...
    the main colour is black
    my phone model is SE K530i

  2. Default

    can you do an abstract s500 theme please?
    the main colours would be black and dark green

  3. Default

    Erm, can i put up two requests please?

    Um, 1.= An animated Grimmjow theme? maybe please If ya can, maybe even a ringtone?

    Can you do a:

    either dragonball Z, naruto or bleach theme where the wallpaper can just be a cool picture, but it has like two animated little sprites aswell??

    If not, just a cool ulquiorra theme will do

  4. Lightbulb

    hey, songbird..

    can you do a tweety bird theme with tweety with purpLe background as the waLLpaper of the theme?.

    its for a friend..
    btw, the phone is Nokia 2630, you can aLso do it in a 6151 version, its ok..

    thanks!. God bLess!.^_^
    Last edited by 4xtreme7; 03-06-2008 at 05:17 PM. Reason: forgot to thank!.^_^

  5. Default

    songbird plz give me the best of themes for girl

  6. Default

    Heyy Can Yhuu Make Mee A Theme Of The Band ' The Ting Tings ' With The Ringtone Their Single ' Thats Not My Name ' Please . Fr A Sony Erricson W580 Or W580i . How Do Yhuu Make Themes ? Please Tell Me ! Thank Yhuu Very Much . Wb Wen Finished

  7. Default

    Right im back now

    i'll make them all as fast as i can

  8. Default

    Can you make a linkin park theme for me? I have a SE K800 phone.Can you add a ringtone and a text msg alert also? If you cant it's okay.

  9. Default

    songbird please give me top theme

  10. Default

    bit more info would help

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