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  1. Thumbs up GoText V2.2 J2ME OS9.1

    goText v2.2 J2ME

    goText is a free Java software for mobile phone (a J2ME midlet) that lets you send SMS, MMS and email for free, paying only a little amount due to the data transferred via GPRS, usually in the order of some cents. If your mobile phone has WiFi connectivity, or you have a flat rate for gprs traffic, you'll be able to send 100% free messages!
    The cost is so little because goText uses services from website offering free sms from web, handling the connection through an intermediate server to reduce as much as possible the amount on data received and sent, and thus message's cost.
    Usually goText transfer is about only 1/2 kB per message.
    To send SMS or MMS you have to be registered on one of the supported websites (see the full list on Log in to see links , page "Configuration").
    goText is a MIDP 1.0 application, it should work on all mobiles with Java support.

    Changelog in goText 2.2 from 2.0:
    - Improved: user interface while writing/sending message
    - Added: list of last 10 sent messages
    - Added: date-time saving to saved messages and sent messages
    - Added: info screen to saved/sent messages to display time of save/sent, recipients and text, in response to message selection, allowing global preview before forwarding message
    - Improved: reduced delay while changing application screens
    - Improved: little faster startup speed
    - Added: option on service list to duplicate a service
    - Added: capatibility to overwrite saved messages
    - Improved: rewrote auto last message saving code
    - Improved: chars counter and automatic substitution code
    - Fixed: wrong remaining sms counter update for services with both daily and monthly counter, and sync
    - Changed: default setting for Char Counter and AutoLastMessageSaver to ON
    - Added: remaining msg count also on "New, Saved, Sent" screen
    - Fixed: loooong msg loading on devices with unlimited upper bound limit for textboxes
    - Changed: Apply on Settings screens brings back to main menu
    - Fixed: empty screen on gprs error when sending messages
    - Improved: specific error for GPRS connection when user don't allow connection

  2. Thumbs up FreeCaller V1.04 S60v3

    FreeCaller v1.04 S60v3

    FreeCaller is a Symbian application for Nokia phones, that can show you the full screen caller photo on incoming calls. It replaces the native symbian incoming call bubble, with a full screen dialog containing the picture and details of the caller.


  3. Thumbs up Informer V1.0 OS9.1


    Informer uses internet for communication and so, a GPRS/WiFi connection is a pre-requisite for it to work. Allow the midlet to access the internet by clicking on the option "Yes, this session only" when prompted. The primary use of this application is covered in 3 steps. 1. Click on Add Keyword. Enter a keyword and press Add. 2. Go to the menu item "How to Notify" and select the mode in which you would like to be notified when the latest news is available and then click on Back. The setting will be saved. 3. Click on Menu item "Start Agent". Keep the application in your pocket and forget about it now and let the application message you back. By default, the application searches for newer news every 10 minutes but this can be configured in the menu item, "When to Notify". 10 minutes will allow sufficient time to read about the details of the news and is the minimum recommended value. It is also possible that even after waiting for the time in the configured value, sometimes the user may not get a notification. News arrives when news happens. So be patient initially and you will reap the benefits the longer you use this application. It is also possible to view all the keywords defined by you, delete them or view the news manually by clicking on the "View/Delete Keyword" menu item. Unlike other news agents, instead of giving all the news on a topic, Informer will only give you the latest news. Instead of giving categorized news, Informer gives news defined by you and that makes it universal. Informer has been tested on Sony Ericsson W960 but should work on all Java Phones supporting MIDP-2.0.

  4. Default Mobile Number Locator - Pakistan OS9.1

    Mobile Number Locator - Pakistan

    Mobile Number Locator for Pakistan traces the mobile number with state, reference cities (exact or nearby city), service provider. It is something like mobile number tracer which can be used to find mobile number information or mobile number location. It also locates the actual city of where the provided STD code belongs. Powered By : Log in to see links

  5. Thumbs up Gorilla Browser 3.4.1 English Ver OS9.1

    Gorilla Browser 3.4.1 English Ver

    All credits to mannuforall for translating

    Gorilla also known as Star mobile phone browser is a powerful and comprehensive mobile browser to support the WEB pages and pages of WAP browsing, fast and stable, with video playback (I'm not sure), Web site navigation, search, download, data services, such as personal capabilities, to help you enjoy Network World!
    Star smart phone browser technology adaptation, re-structured the organization and conduct of mining technology, integration Wap, Web two-net mass of information and content adaptive mobile phone screen, users browse for the best experience
    There are inter-operator platform is based on the user personalization, the user can be the platform for mobile browser and Star truly seamless connection, the user can pick custom network services, network favorites, and so on.

    No matter where the user can use at any time interplanetary phone browser landing between the platform.
    * Xtrans conversion Gateway
    * Web\Wap Real-time conversion Web \ Wap
    You can try it and comments about it. Report any translated error.


  6. Thumbs up IQ Burping Phone German OS9.1

    IQ Burping Phone German

    IQ Burping Phone – another cool software brought to you by IQ-mobile. If you liked the software that made you phone fart (IQ Farting Phone), you will love this one. Launch the application and "create sweet music" with the burping sounds included in the application.

    Please try not to use it in your classroom, conference room, bus, train or other public places, but if you must…Enjoy!

    For more cool software please visit product's homepage Log in to see links

  7. Thumbs up [EA Mobile]Trivial Pursuit V1.12.35 240x320 (N95) S60v3 J2ME by DrAdeLante

    [EA Mobile]Trivial Pursuit v1.12.35 240x320 (N95) S60v3 J2ME by drAdeLante

    Play for the pursuit of happiness with TRIVIAL PURSUIT! Now you can play this all-time favorite in 2 great modes. Fill your "pie" with "wedges" in Classic mode. Or use strategy to answer fast and reach the finish line first in new Pursuit mode. Answer up to 1,000 questions on Entertainment, Geography, History and more. Customize your game by setting the number of wedges. Play against the game with 3 difficulty levels, or play with up to 4 friends with Pass 'n play.

    Game Features :

    Features may vary by handset.

    * Experience two fun game modes.
    * Collect "wedges" and fill your "pie" in Classic mode.
    * Race to the finish line in Pursuit mode.
    * Customize your game by selecting the number of wedges in Classic mode.
    * Play against the game with 3 difficulty levels.
    * Play with friends with Pass 'n play for up to 4 players in both modes.
    * Have fun with up to 1,000 trivia questions.
    * Enjoy your game time more with 3 multiple choice answers per question.
    * Dazzle your senses with rich visuals, animations and sound effects.

  8. Thumbs up DaSuppaStudios Tankzors V4.2 All Versions{update 30/12/08} OS9.1

    DaSuppaStudios Tankzors v4.2 All versions{update 30/12/08}

    Summary :
    Tankzors is a greatest java-game based on the widely known NES game Battle City! Crush enemy, upgrade your tank and win!

    Description :
    Tankzors is a greatest mobile java-game based on the universally known NES game Battle City — now is on your mobile phone! New excellent graphics, thought over interesting and considered game play, perfect musical accompaniment! Besides, for every crushed enemy you receive coins with the help of which you can upgrade your tank and set up 35 various types of weapons in the workshop: shells, mines, dynamites, plasma, artillery, missiles, armor-plating, radars etc. Also you can order an air bombardment or help of the allied tanks. The missions extend on the various battle area — desert, sands, enemy base and the grass. The different 40 mission levels from “kill the enemy” till “capture the flag” are waiting for you. The game is very interesting, dynamic and really carries along download it for free right now, especially, that you’ll get full access to first five levels absolutely for free!

    Tankzors is a tactical-economical arcade-strategy-shooter:
    — based on the universally known NES hit game Battle City;
    — 40 various missions (kill the enemy, defend your base, etc.);
    — 35 types of various weapons (from shells to air bombing);
    — considered elements of strategy;
    — quality music accompaniment;
    — outstanding game play;
    — excellent graphics;
    — and great atmosphere!

    Keygen over here

  9. Thumbs up Ucmail 5.1 English Version by Mannuforall (4 Jan 09) OS9.1

    [B][CENTER]Ucmail 5.1 English Version by mannuforall (4 Jan 09)
    credits to mannuforall

    Here English translated version of Ucmail 5.1 Java. You can synchronize your mail with. It supports most common mail sites.
    Not enough info about it, bat I'll collect it very soon.

  10. Default Fortinet FortiCleanUp Tool V1.03 S60v3 Symbianos9x Signed OS9.1

    Fortinet FortiCleanUp Tool v1.03 s60v3 symbianos9x signed

    The FortiCleanUp tool has been developed by the FortiGuard Antivirus team to disable and remove the specific mobile malware and related variants. The tool, once installed, allows the user to perform quick scan to auto deactivate. A full scan can then be performed to remove the malware and its variants from the file system. A license to use the application is provided free of charge, courtesy of Fortinet.

    Support has been provided for the following vulnerabilities:


    On S60 3rd Edition devices, FortiCleanUp protects against CurseSMS vulnerability (malicious SMS message preventing the phone from receiving any further SMS/MMS messages).

    Last Updated: 27-Dec-2008

    Compatible phones:
    Nokia E90 Communicator, 3250, 5320 XpressMusic, 5500 Sport, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, 6120/6121 Classic, 6124 Classic, 6220 Classic, 6290, 6650, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82, N85, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N96, N97, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, Samsung SGH-i400, i450, i520, i550, i560, G810, L870, i7110, Innov8, 5800 XpressMusic, LG KT610, LG KT615, LG KS10

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