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  1. Exclamation HELPPP!!!!! phone has died

    I have a SE K810i, and earlier my tv remote fell on it.....
    it wasn't a huge bash, but the screen has gone plain white, and the phone won't turn on even when charging.
    behind the white, there r slight black marks at the edge in side the screen and i don't know if these are cracks internally or not. does anyone know what to do please? :S
    i'd be very grateful for help of any kind
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    This sounds like the Sony Ericsson white screen of death ..... take it to a phone service shop, or where you bought it from, and see if they can help

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    Thanks James. the white screen of death doesn't sound too promising, but i'll take it in!
    i don't suppose u know if there is any way to save my files that r on there do u? because otherwise, i've lost all my contacts

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    i believe they would be automatically already saved on your sim card?

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    Sounds more like your lcd screen is damaged, this can be changed but can be expensive, its either pay to replace the screen or its a new phone i am afraid,

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    would a phone shop send it off to get the screen replaced?
    hmmm, i need those u know wot sort of price a screen replacement would cost?

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    Unless they have an engineer on site, then Yes they would send it away to repair, no idea on cost though. Has for your files, try connecting the phone to your PC Via USB Data Cable and the PC Suite that came with it and as long as your phone actually powers up when switched on, you should have access to the files within so that you can then save them. Most of your contacts should be on the Sim Card as Bazza21 Mentioned.

    Just found a Screen on e-bay for £14 so not that expensive after all.

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