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  1. Lightbulb Getting your phone unlocked properly!

    Generally if you have had service with your cellular provider for a set period of time (T-Mobile 90 days after purchase) they will unlock your phone for you or send you directions for it.
    My husband and I went into the TMo store and asked for it, they looked up our account to make sure we had been with them long enough, then took our phone models and serials and our email address and sent us us a "Here is how to unlock your phone" instructions, worked perfectly!
    Some providers (so I hear, but can't verify) will send an unlock code directly to your phone.
    No need to break your phone trying to unlock it (I broke my RAZR 3 times, thankfully able to bring it back to life), but finally did it the proper way via TMo!
    If they ask for a reason, just tell them you are considering upgrading to a different phone from them. Telling them you're going to give them more money usually does the trick!

  2. Default Unlocking LG phone

    My phone the LG U890 silver is on contract with 3g. I cancelled my contract in january of febuary. I went to a phone dealer who unlockes phones and they could not do it. So now i am stuck with my phone i cannot do any thing with it and the phone has some valuable contacts. and my contacts only have my old number. so how do i get my phone unlocked.


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