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  1. Cool Cect a380i

    Hello all, I'm new to the group.

    I just picked up a new Cect a380i, you know...the iphone clone. I was going to spend $399 on an Iphone, but I don't usually hop on the bandwagon. I ended up spending $180.00 on this phone, and it's actually a really nice unit. It uses GPRS,WAP for internet browsing, unlike the Iphone, and doesn't have any of the Apple specific software, but other than that it is nice. It also uses 1900mhz instead of ATT's usuall 850mhz, but I haven't noticed any reception issues. All video has to be 3gp or MP4, but I have a converter for that. The touch screen is cool, and it has decent resolution. I still kinda want an Iphone, for some of the better features, like slide scrolling, etc.
    Does anyone else have this phone and know of any hacks, apps, enhancements for it?


  2. Default Help me Out

    I have this same phone but I'm having problems getting to the internet, you have the settings?

  3. Default

    you cannot get any apps on this phone it is a china phone and does not support java..i had a cect but sold it cuz it sucked

  4. Default

    i can connect to the internet using my phone but can you give me at least a pic on what it look like i have lots of configurations for china phone and also what sim do you use or line

  5. Default

    china phone?
    so far i've only used sony ericsson and nokia phones...
    nokia doesnt support some games and apps...
    sony ericsson is better

  6. Default

    I had that phone until a few hours ago traded for the cect c700 you should do the same the i380 does not support java the only thing you can do is wall paper and ringtones very limited. Cect is a very good company I like their phones but be careful some sellers are snake so purchase warrenty square trade is the best. Save yourself the headache find java phone oh yeah don't buy p168 no java there either sorry for the bad news.

  7. Default

    Does anyone know about the bluetooth on this phone? I tried this weekend and it wanted a passcode to connect with my friend's phone? Anybody got a clue, 'cause I sure don't!!

  8. Default a380i

    Was wonder what video converter you used and what gave the best quality settings?

    64Chevy - I think you just have to put in code of ur friends headset.

  9. Default

    sir gud am!can u pls help about gprs/mms configuration settings coz i have that one too!i can't activate my gprs and mms!can u pls help!thanks.....ianskie

  10. Default

    mga sir can u help me!my phone is cect a380i where can i get gprs/mms configuration settings pls help me!!!!thanks

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