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    Thumbs up New: Upload Nokia Flash Themes!

    I'm very glad to announce the download gallery now supports Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition Themes that contain flash (.swf) content.

    As with Sony Ericsson flash themes; when uploading Nokia flash themes, you must provide a screenshot of the "Standby" flash file (.swf) contained within the theme. This screenshot must correspond to the dimensions of your theme and must only contain 1 full frame of the flash content. The screenshot will then be integrated into the automated preview process, for use as a thumbnail.

    Once in the validation queue, we will match the screenshot up to the actual flash content. Therefore, please do not upload mismatching, bad quality or unrelated screenshots.

    Although we realise this method may not suit everybody, unfortunately we haven't yet been able to fully automate the preview process in the same way we do with standard themes. This is because the flash format cannot be interpreted in the same way images can.

    Any problems or suggestions? Feel free to contact me or respond below.


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    Everything is fine except for one thing, the swf file is animated but in the download page it does not show that, as indicated in the picture below. However this is not a case with gifs. Could something be done to correct this?


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    i hope there are new anime themes for n3110c

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    its new theme... i am using it... nice post

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    really nice post

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    You said is very good.

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    wow its good thread!

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    The post is very good.

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