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  1. Default Blatantly Photoshopped Celebs

    Well I mentioned this in one thread so now I'm doing it.
    This thread involves images you have found on the internet of celebrities who have obviously been touched up with some imaging software.
    So come on ppl get your pics uploaded here and show off the worst of celebs either mocked up or airbrushed.

    For starters heres Britney Spears before and after touch up

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    Thats not photoshopped i think. Just two different pics.

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    Shes been airbrushed with some software.

    She looks like Courtney Love in the first pic lol

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    Aniket is correct. Those are two different pics.

  5. Default can't rearrange hair in photoshop (at least I can't)

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    You can

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronVW Log in to see links
    You can
    you can. I can't

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    maybes this thread was a bad idea

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    Well, isn't this photoshopped pic cool? Angielina's suffering from malnutrition.

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    Regarding Britney pics

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