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  1. Default

    it's those themes that is faulty.. u may reconsider checking thoroughly the description of each theme whether it's exactly for n95 phones...

  2. Post

    yeah but the themes work on my friends n95 but not mine i cant install any .sis files at all. it really sucks. like when i try to install MSN Messenger from the phones download! menu it just says 'file corrupted' its really annoying. but i am using Firmware V12. so that could be a problem? what do you think

  3. Post

    another thing is that my friend uses firmware v20. so could that make any difference. we both use N95-1's does that help?

  4. Default

    apart from really corrupted file, you have to ask the phone vendor.. i dont think it's the theme that is faulty now.. u may try asking the theme creator or find a theme contributor which uses the same phone as yours.. i think that's a good idea.

    ask in forum, ask if there's someone out there using the same type of pone of urs.. then discuss about ur theme. i'm sure they knew better
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  5. Default i want themedy

    I Want Themed8y Software

  6. Exclamation n73me theme problem! need help

    i have n73 me n my cell doesn't show installed themes after few days. i didn't find them in theme's list, i can't even install them again. reply imeediately if u know the solution

  7. Default

    ok ive solved the problem....... the v12 firmware did not allow me to install .sis files and because the themes are all .sis i could not install them.... i thought that i could update my nokia maps with that firmware version and it told me to update so i did that and my phone updated to v21 and then my maps install then i realised that the maps were .sis and so i tried to install a theme so it worked and now i dont have the problem anymore....

  8. Unhappy Problem with a theme, please help!!

    Hi, I´ve recently installed a theme in my Nokia´s E51 memory card, and I wanted to change the theme´s name, so in the other USB mode (that´s not PC Suite), I clicked in a folder named private, then clicked in import and then the theme´s folder I wanted to change. There, were 3 files, and I changed the name of 1; inmediately appeard a warning advice that said that it was impossible to change the name. I clicked ok and disconnected the phone from the computer. But then I tried to select this theme in my phone and it was gone! So I reinstalled it, in the process appeard an advice that said that the file already existed and if I wanted to overwrite it, I clicked yes. Then I tried to select it, but again, didn´t appeard in the list of themes. What happened? Anyone can help me? Thanks!!

  9. Default Need Help for Nokia themes

    hi, when ever i try to install a theme to my Nokia E51 it gives me a certificate error. pls help me to resolve the problem. anyone pls help

  10. Unhappy can't install file with sis

    if we need 2 install new themes that we download??
    how to install file with sis,
    it said file not supported for nokia E65

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