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    just send the .jar files to your phone by using bluetooth and it will install the game automatically.
    not sure if it works for other phones but..i've got a k850i here btw


  2. Exclamation Method of solving!

    Quote Originally Posted by priyagal Log in to see links
    I tried as wat here is written still cant get to install!

    Did you place the .jar game into the other folder and then install the game from the other folder? Try placing the .jad file in the other folder as well as the .jar file, then click on the .jad file to install the game.

    And also tried this Still cant see the install menu.
    Can somebody help me pls...................................
    It will be very greatful!!
    Hmm.. HI guys, new here.. But, I can answer you question..
    My this method MAY work in MOST models..

    1st: Plug your USB and STAY CONNECTED wif ur phone wif de comp..
    Den, download the game into the desktop of your comp, den, after download finish..

    Then, go to your phone 'system', hmmmmm, like, file transfer..
    Go in.. Then go to 'Others'..
    U can oso can create ANY folder(s) in the 'Others' folder..

    Hmmmm.. .jar cn la.. u cn try dis. but, hmmm, if i m nt wrong, .jad is for samsung ther wan...

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    I have done what is recommened but when i install the jad file it says operation failed i have a w910

  4. Default Sony Ericsson K770i

    I have K770i i cant install games on it please anybody let me know how to do it.

    Many Many thanks for the replies.

  5. Default thx for help

    Thx very much for the help i have done it.

  6. Lightbulb Easy Install

    I Always use the bluetooth when i'm installing my games. I send them through bluetooth from my computer to my mobile and when i'm doing that the game is installed imediatly and ready to be played.
    The only minus is that if you want more than few games it will take some time to transfer but I think it's worth it, don't you?

    Thanks for reading, hope that helps a little

  7. Cool

    Ok download the .jar file to the desktop. Plug in your sony mobile. double click "My Computer" double click Phone Card(G ....(it is drive G on my pc but it may be diffrent on yours) now right click anywhere and select new folder, name the new folder SE Games or something like that (this will create the folder in your phone too) now double click the new folder to open it. Now drag and drop the .jar file from your desktop into the new folder OR copy and paste it. Unplug your phone from the PC, wait for it to start up now click menu go to My Files then scroll down to the new folder and install the game. This will add the .jar file to your phone, now you will have to install it but the reason its better to do it this way is now you can bluetooth the .jar files to your friends and they can play the game!

    Have fun!

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