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    i dont find any lang file or folder in the game...i has 'lang.txt.JUTF' then can u tell me how to translate in this case??

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooblaster Log in to see links
    How do you translate games from Chinese to English, games with language files in .class format?
    I want to translate this particular Chinese game, but it has like, so many .class files..
    Even after searching on Google and reading the stuff, i cannot figure out how to translate from Chinese to English...
    Most of the tutorials only teach you how to translate the stuff from english to Russian... i don't know how to translate the game from Chinese to English.
    Does anyone know how to do it?
    I tried using MobiTrans, and stuff...
    I have attached the game that i want to translate below.
    I have also attached the programs that i tried to use to translate the game.
    Thanks in advance to whoever tries to help

    Log in to see links

    Log in to see links
    the game u attached does not have it's text stored in the class files but in the other files inside the jar whose type is not identified so i have no idea.
    But in general it seems u can translate jar games whose text is in the class files with the halo u uploaded.

    Just open the program and choose file->open jarand locate the jar u want to should appear like this:

    classes who have text in english like the one in photo above are to be ignored

    classes that include text in the language u want to translate from are the classes u must edit and they look like the photo above

  3. Default plzzzzz translate this i cant do it its portuguese and i need the game badly

    plzzzzz translate this i cant do it its portuguese and i need the game badly
    it doesnt have lang file or folder except manifest which is useless thank vry much

    [Removed Copyrights games attachments]

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    Still no progress with Translating games?
    $2.5? go to e-bay lol..
    btw thanks theo1001
    just what i need, a tutorial..

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    Nice Friend

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    Hi! Please translate the ff mobile games: (from

    1. Castlevania 2 (240x320).jar
    2. Castlevania 2 Demon (240x320).jar
    3. Castlevania RPG

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    Well Done Friend

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    thx very much 4 this usefull topic rep++

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    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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