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    maxkooler, how do you do that?
    are there no sprites that have to changed, or something like that?

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    And one more thing, can someone please translate this game?

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    or can someone please tell me how to do so w/o the lang folder?

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    i have an LG Incite, and download some game through my PC and sync with my LG but i can't get it to work. During the installion it said that UNSTRUSTED MIDLET, so i click continue, and it also said one of the application classes is missing. please help

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    someone help me translate this if its possible... i love this game but its in chinese...
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    How do you translate games from Chinese to English, games with language files in .class format?
    I want to translate this particular Chinese game, but it has like, so many .class files..
    Even after searching on Google and reading the stuff, i cannot figure out how to translate from Chinese to English...
    Most of the tutorials only teach you how to translate the stuff from english to Russian... i don't know how to translate the game from Chinese to English.
    Does anyone know how to do it?
    I tried using MobiTrans, and stuff...
    I have attached the game that i want to translate below.
    I have also attached the programs that i tried to use to translate the game.
    Thanks in advance to whoever tries to help

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    Hi everyone, i managed to translate Warcraft III to english, it's not the best translation but i'm still working on it.
    First of all i want to tell you it wasn't easy, my eyes hurt

    Some pictures:2009.06.06_20.15.16_1.png2009.06.06_20.15.16_2.png2009.06.06_20.15.16_3.jpg
    If you still don't belive me, i can make a small demonstration video...
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    can you tell us what programs you use to translate? I'm particularly interested in translation from chinese to english. And how much do you mean by "small donation"?

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    look here [Removed Linking to competing and/or commercial websites are strictly forbidden]
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    but wouldn't $5-$10 practically be the price of the game itself?

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