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    Wow these games look great I will steal my birds se to try them

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    Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood 3D

    June 1944: The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent.
    You are a decorated member of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the "Screaming Eagles", the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Your objective: to help your comrades in arms triumph over Nazism.
    Progressing through Norman countryside and villages, you'll have to show your brothers in arms how to face the terrible ordeals that await you so that they will follow you to victory...or to a deadly defeat.

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    Massive Snowboarding 3D

    Shred the Slopes with Massive!

    Ever dream of getting a taste of the purest powder while busting the wildest moves on your snowboard? Massive Snowboarding makes it possible! You'll need stellar courage and balance to perform the most insane tricks and cross the finish line first! The realism on your mobile phone will blow your mind with the larger-than-life mountains and courses involving not only speed, but jumps, slides, and half-pipes too. Even the climate conditions are unpredictable. In short, it's a true revolution in the world of simulated extreme sports for mobile phones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportacus Log in to see links
    Wow these games look great I will steal my birds se to try them
    you do that, you wont be sorry

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    Sensible Sudoku 2

    The most enjoyable Sudoku for Symbian with a pleasant interface, elegant audio and engaging gameplay!

    Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly enjoyable experience: pencil marks, hints, undo and auto-save. Play it anytime and anywhere - forget about those limited newspaper Sudokus...

    Sensible Sudoku includes millions of puzzles that can be played in multiple difficulty levels, with a pleasant interface and elegant audio.

    More than just a puzzle interface, Sensible Sudoku was designed to be an enjoyable experience. Have a great time with Sensible Sudoku!

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    List of UIQ 3.x Phones and its Version

    The following is a list of the smartphones that have been announced/confirmed as running the newer UIQ 3.x platform.

    PDA-style design (similar to a handheld computer)

    • Sony Ericsson P1/Sony Ericsson P1i/P1c (UIQ 3.0)
    • Sony Ericsson M600/Sony Ericsson M600i/M608 (UIQ 3.0)
    • Sony Ericsson P990/Sony Ericsson P990i/P990c (UIQ 3.0)
    • Sony Ericsson W950/Sony Ericsson W950i/W950c (UIQ 3.0)
    • Sony Ericsson W960/Sony Ericsson W960i/W960c (UIQ 3.0)

    Hybrid PDA/Phone design (Candy-bar phone with Touchscreen Display)

    • Sony Ericsson G700 (UIQ 3.0)
    • Sony Ericsson G900 (UIQ 3.0)

    Slider design

    • Motorola RIZR Z8/Motorola Nahpohos Z8 (UIQ 3.1)
    • Motorola RIZR Z10 (UIQ 3.2)

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    Astraware Boardgames includes 8 games, each with user-customizable rules and a range of difficulty levels, but designed with casual players and non-experts in mind. If you're a new player or an old hand who just enjoys a fun traditional board game, then Astraware Boardgames is just for you.

    Astraware Boardgames includes Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Snakes and Ladders, and Tic Tac Toe.

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    Serial: 57084002
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    Nicky Boom

    Nicky is in trouble !

    His grandfather has been captured by the cruel witch Zoldrane, which is keeping him locked in a dark dungeon.She hopes to get from the old man the secrets of the forest tribe he is the guardian of. To stop Nicky to find its grandfather, the witch has changed the peaceful inhabitants of the woods into monsters as evil as her. She told them to watch around her castle... But Nicky does not give up, and starts its adventure to the ugly witch castle. Help him to get around the traps and to free his grandfather !

    • Huge worlds with a lot of monsters, various items and many hidden paths
    • Gorgeous and enhanced graphics from the original 90s classic
    • 8 different addictive sound tracks
    • Enchanting game mixing platform and puzzle
    • Pause the game whenever you want thanks to the savegame feature.
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    Return to Mysterious Island
    (HD version)

    Return to Mysterious Island follows Mina, a strong young woman alone on a round-the-world sailing expedition. Caught in a tremendous storm, she becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island - your quest for Survival begins!


    • Inspired by the Jules Verne classic: The Mysterious island
    • Numerous tactile, inventory and environmental puzzles to solve
    • A unique inventory system where items can be combined and dismantled for use throughout the game
    • Many inventory items to collect (more than 150 items), from basic items to modern technologies
    • Full 360° vision, Beautifully created, lush tropical island setting
    • Ambient sounds for a total immersive experience

    Game Requirements:
    20 MB of free memory for program - 40 MB storage space

    Game files
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    Download game files, and unpack them to the root folder of either phone memory or memory card, then install the game (make sure the game is installed on the drive the game files are on)
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    Meet a turn-based military strategy game in the tradition of the world-famous game title, Civilization. Choose your path to glory in the world of Revival!
    Revival is a turn-based military strategy game in the best traditions of the world-famous game title, Civilization. You will have to explore continents, direct battles on land and sea, build towns, develop science and uphold the economy of his empire!

    • The game is designed in the best traditions of Civilization
    • Realistic strategic gameplay: turn-based tactics, resource quarrying, founding towns, upgrading buildings, land and sea battles, and even the units will gather experience!
    • Modern economical model: you can buy and sell everything
    • Immense game space: 7 planets, 27 continents
    • The scenario campaign consists of 13 missions which will take not less than 40 hours to complete
    • Very detailed tutorial with an amusing and humorous mentor
    • Excellent artificial intelligence, adjustable difficulty levels and even allows you to battle against 7 simultaneous non-player opponents

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