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    (another old PC game)

    Abuse is a classic 2D side-scrolling platform shooter, where you use the cursor keys to run and jump around, and aim where you are shooting with the stylus.

    It features beautiful lighting, realistic animation and nasty alien-like creatures to destroy.

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    extract the datafiles to the root folder of the memory card, and install the game

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    Rediscover the legendary space shoot'em-up in a new version with stunning graphics!

    You weave through the asteroids at the controls of your ship and use lasers, bombs, and teleport bonuses to eliminate the Krystaloid extra-terrestrials threatening your interstellar fleet.

    As a space "garbage man", you have to eliminate the alien Krystaloids which generate asteroids and disorder space journeys.
    Once the Krystaloid is destroyed, you will need to destroy all remaining asteroids to access next level.
    You can shoot, put bombs, and teleport.

    • The space shoot'em-up: a true game classic on mobile!
    • Maximum fun, with a large arsenal of weapons and bonuses: lasers, bombs, etc.
    • A real tactical challenge using the navigational map and teleport bonuses.
    • Breathtaking graphics and spectacular animation sequences.
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    Logical turn-based strategy game for great commanders!

    Do you want to repeat the success this great commander had at Marengo, Austerlitz, Wagram? Or maybe you want to stop one of the greatest tyrants of Europe?

    You don’t like strategy games, and you prefer chess or card games? Then, this game is for you too.

    Napoleonix is a logical turn-based strategy game for two players (though it can be played by one person against the computer as well). The game presents a successful combination of strategic and tactical planning employed in turn-based strategies, it also has some elements of applying physiological pressure towards the opposer (bluff being one of them) which are used in a number of card games. The main thing about this game is that your opposer doesn’t know where your bulk strength is dislocated. This makes it possible to carry out diversionary maneuvers, complicated readjustment of force, make attacks and commit counterattacks. So, the main goal of the strategy is to get the actual information on where the opposer’s forces are dislocated.


    NEW! Campaign mode with 12 missions;
    NEW! Player profile screen;
    NEW! 8 ranks and 21 medals;
    Enhanced graphics and user interface;
    Multiple slots for storing dispositions;
    Music and SFX;
    TCP/IP multiplayer;
    3D mode;
    Hi-Res on VGA devices

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    Crazy Spot


    A new funny "spot the difference" game! with high quality photos and multiplayer mode.

    The player’s goal is to spot all the differences between two photos as soon as possible . While the photos may look identical at first glance, there are 5 random differences on each level! Multiplayer mode will request you spot the difference faster than your competitor.

    Game features:

    • Multiplayer mode,play with your friend over bluetooth
    • Lots of high quality photo levels
    • Random puzzles and combo hits
    • Ranking system – high score table
    • Relaxing music & sound-effects
    • Outstanding graphics

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    use your IMEI in the keygen
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    Thanks They are great. Got more?

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    they will be more

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    Midnight Poker 3D

    Enter the electric atmosphere of the best betting circles on the planet, and play a genuine game of Texas Hold’em, "the Cadillac of Poker". If you’ve got the nerves to face the most extraordinary, unusual Poker players, then Midnight Poker is for you!

    Features (may vary by handset):

    • Exceptional gameplay that perfectly simulates rounds of Texas Hold’em!
    • 3 game modes: Instant Play, Face-to-Face, and Career.
    • 7 opponents with unique playing styles and personalities.
    • Evaluate your progress at any time with statistics from all of your hands.

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    Thank you so much These games are wonderful

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    thank you, man, for appreciating...

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    SiL is an all-new arcade puzzle game of objects and silhouettes - just rotate and match quickly for a high score. There's more of course, combos and trophies, different game mode, beautiful graphics and cheery music. Train your fingers to be as fast as the eye in the game of shape recognition. SiL is simple and elegant, colourful and fun.

    "Rotate and match objects for a high score" - that sums it up in once sentence. Well, there's more, but you'll learn all about chain combos and unlockable trophies when playing the game.

    Together with stylized visuals and the cheeriest soundtrack ever, SiL is easy to pick up but infinitely challenging.

    SiL Features:

    • Instantly accessible with simple controls
    • Unlockable trophy objects
    • 3 different game modesM
    • Depth of gameplay with a chain combo and bonus multiplier system
    • 100 different 3D objects
    • Flashy full-screen visual effects

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