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    Quote Originally Posted by ipred Log in to see links
    The tutorial is good but :

    1) It does not say that if you want to save the file as swf you need to go to File->Publish settings->Formats->check only swf ->set the destination folder and when you want to save,you don't press "save" or "save as" but "publish"

    2) As mentioned from other users,the whole swf file flashes continuesly.Not the clock.The whole image.And it's not a problem of our mobile phones.It appears also in the flash preview.

    3)When i write the text "99.99.99" i use Comic San Serif 40 font but the final result gives me an arial 20 font.

    There must be some things that are missing from the turorial and cause these problems.

    Please help when you have time.

    Ok =)
    Im going to ask the moderators to unsticky this thread until i can fix the problem.

  2. Default 290 files Flash Clock for Symbian S60v3

    290 files Flash Clock for Symbian S60v3


    Sorry but I don't have the required number of posts to post links or images

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    Ok, Silver figured out the "Stuck at 99.99.99" problem.
    First post updated.

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    Maybe a set of template clocks would be a good idea...

  5. Default swf for e75 wallpaper mode..

    is there a way for the e75 too just use this as wallpaper a swf file? seems i got it working in sleep background but cant use it as wallpaper or are there proggys for this?


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