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    Thanks a lot Karl

  2. Default java based problem

    hi, I find java error in games like simcity4 ... can u pls guide what can be done?

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    hey..i tried to change the screen resolution of many games but i cant get them altough i followed the steps.. can u help??

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    how do you find out the screen resolution of a game

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    it should tell you when you download it or on the site you downloaded it on

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    i thailand

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    Hi there Karl,

    Thanks for the tips, it's certainly help us. But how if we would like to change the resolution smaller?? Will it work or what will happen then?

    Thanks for the attention

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    But Mr.Mako I dont understand the languange, how can i change the text of the web into English (if there is a language icon on the web screen please tell me)...

    Please help me out ...Thanks a lot

  9. Default hi..

    may i ask you somthin.. im trying to download some games in mobile24 but it links me in logmein.. plzz help me.

  10. Default plzz

    help me plz

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