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    can u make me 1 of arsenal with the word xurro in it plz

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    can you please make one of "aris fc"
    here is the crest
    hope this is ok for u..
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    Aris 4 ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by carzygirl08 View Post
    hope these are ok for you

    Great Job on those thanks!!

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    could you do a couple on birmingham city

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    I will do these as sson as i can i have not been very well lately and still arent 100% better yet sorry for the delay.

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    hi can you make one of FC BARCELONA please... it didnt matter which picture is up

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    great work!!!! could u make another liverpool 1 plzz. similar to the boro man-u and the other liverpool 1nz. with a ball spinning and cud i also plz have anfield in the background or the kop thanx +rep

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    is possible to get hibernian one please
    thank you in advance

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    hope these are ok for you all

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    thanks for hibernian
    if you have more designs they are welcome as i have many phones

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