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  1. Arrow Post All Your Application Requests Here:

    As the title says you can post here all your application requests and I'll try to get them for you!

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    I'll start posting and I will wait for your requests.

  3. Default [NeW] Morange 5 Now with voice message [J2ME]

    Key Features:

    Intuitive Mobile Internet surfing (New!)
    A faster, safer and more intuitive way to browse the Web when you are on the move.

    Talk More, Pay Less (New!)
    A simple and quick way to make low cost international calls and sms from your mobile, desktop or web.

    Podcast on the Go!
    Ever want to listen to latest podcast on your phone, like what you did on iPod? With Mobii it is possible. You will be surprised by the quality!

    Search and get yourself Popular
    Search for charming friends all over the world on your mobile phone by gender, age, location or nickname.

    Push Email on your phone
    Have your email pushed to your mobile the moment it hits the inbox automatically.

    Chat on the road
    Chat with your buddies on Mobii, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, QQ from absolutely anywhere.

    Read News & Blogs with pictures
    Subscribe to headlines, sports, blogs with full-text retrieval technology that grabs everything from any RSS feed. Subscribe and listen to podcasting also.

    Access PC and Share Files from your phone
    Securely access your PC to read and send files from anywhere in the world.

    Synchronization in motion
    Synchronize your contacts, calendar and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and your mobile phone.

    Pick the right application by preference
    If you don't need some apps, for example calendar or task, just go to "Setting" Components to remove them.

    Web Browser

    With this newly released version, you can browse Internet whenever and wherever you are through your mobile phone.

    No matter you want to search an image on Google, read Yahoo news, or scan your friends blogs, Mobii web browser offers you a faster, safer and more intuitive mobile internet surfing experience.

    Voice Message
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    Any and everything possible for a Palm Centro...

  5. Default [NeW] cCam S60v3 v1.03

    It feature no shutter sound and no flash light, it save to default memory card image directory.
    Version 1.03 / 8 Oct 2008
    - Enter key, or Options->Snap: Capture an image and save it to the images folder
    - Options->Go to Gallery: Open the media gallery application to view images
    - Up arrow key: Zoom in
    - Down arrow key: Zoom out
    Known issue:It can't disable the pre-flash on N73, N80, N95.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninerca Log in to see links
    Any and everything possible for a Palm Centro...
    No problem. I'll start searching and will post everything I find in 1 h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninerca Log in to see links
    Any and everything possible for a Palm Centro...
    Opera Mini Advanced for Palm OS:Log in to see links
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    RepliGo 2.1 Viewer for Palm OS:Log in to see links

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    I need a room escaper(programme that escapes the user from a room or an auditorium when he/she needs to leave)!
    Do you have one?Please i'm desperate!!!

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    Here is the latest DivX Player for s60 3rd.
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