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  1. Wink hey

    have any codes for Motorola W385??

  2. Wink huh?

    Hi; You seem to have insider info on Moto phones....don't know if you can help or not but do you know why I am unable to upload ringtones to my razr k1m? Is it possible to upload ringtones or is it fruitless? I heard that Moto put some kind of block on their newer phones so that is impossible to upload mp3 ringtones....(other than uploading/downloading from wireless carrier website for a fee). I bought this phone back in Dec. '07. Thanks for your time.

  3. Default help for motorolla v3i

    hi my name is Aslam iam using motorazer v3i. n when rver i download some games it showing application erro...n it contain a call recorder for 1min only i want to extend it any help plzz/?????????????

  4. Thumbs up Secret codes for V3i

    Hey guys does anyone have secret codes for moto v3i, I would really appreciate it, Thanx!

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    do u kno how i can unlock(idk if thats the correct word in this case) my t-mobile v3 so that i can down load ring tones from different websites? t-mobile says that im only allowed to down load from them and i think that thats stupid. please help!!!!

  6. Default i neeg help for motorazarz3 softwar

    hi there can you help me in softwaer of motorazarz3

  7. Default

    thanks for sharing............

  8. Default

    any help with the rival A455? pm if you know anything, ive had this phone for like 3 months and i cant unlock the Mofo.

    lol it wont even connect to motorola phone tools.... and im on the motorola support site, and i posted a thread there as reply.

    in short, motorola SUCKS lol
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