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1) Basic Beer Pong

You know Beer Pong (aka Beirut) has got serious when they hold a World Series...The original Beer Pong rules set and, purists would claim, the best.

A pyramid of six half-full beer cups is placed at either end of a table. (The longer the table is, the more difficult it is to play.)

Contestants are armed with ping pong bats, books, CD cases, or anything else which will propel a ping pong ball across the table.

The goal is to land your ping pong ball in the opponent's beer cups.

Basic Beer Pong is much simpler than its later spin-offs. So there's no need to keep score and a glancing blow doesn't count (if the ball hits a cup but doesn't land inside it).

Every time you score a direct hit, your opponent has to drink the contents of the cup. If the ball goes dead, serve switches to the opposite side.

The best Beer Pong rule is the Passout rule. Anybody who falls over, vomits or passes out automatically forfeits the match.

For a really mean rule twist, play Loser Stays On. This means the person who has drunk their six beers first has to play the next challenger!
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Super Beer Pong

For crazy hardcore basic Beer Pong players, there's the Super Beer Pong rules set. This involves exactly the same rules, but the pyramid of beer cups is larger: ten, 15 or 21 cups is common.

This version of the game also works better for very small crowds, or larger crowds, where you play in teams. Whenever one side lands the ball in a cup, every member of the opposite team must drink!
3) Spiked Beer Pong

One cup in three contains beer with a shot of vodka, gin, whiskey or other strong alcohol in it. The more disgusting the combination of drinks are, the better! (Bring out mum's Creme de Menthe.)
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Strip Beer Pong

Anytime beer and rules involving the removal of clothing mix, you know the game is going to be a lot of fun.

At an all-girl Strip Beer Pong party, the security camera feed is in great demand!It's the Basic Beer Pong rules set with a WICKED twist. The serving team gets TWO serves. Write the name of an item of clothing on each cup.

For a glancing blow off ONE cup out of two serves, the other side must elect to either down the beer in the cup OR remove that item of clothing.

For TWO glancing blows off DIFFERENT cups, the losing side must drink one of the beers AND remove one of the items of clothing (their choice).

Any direct dunks mean the losing side must BOTH down the beers AND remove that item of clothing!
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