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    I'm good at Baseball and I like watching Swimming (Races)

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    since i live in india,
    my fav game has to be cricket
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    i was a pro swimmer so is swimming

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    climbing mountains! I'm good at it and enjoying doing that!

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    Horse riding

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    Does sleeping, eating and just lounging about count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aneeshman Log in to see links
    Do you know this game?
    i know this game,i think anyone in Iran know that game!
    but we play it differently than official games!
    i'm good in that,and also i'm a good goalkeeper in Futsal!

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    Football - only sport i have played not needing to practice at, ie natural.

    Darts - was decent and improving, but dont play anymore because got the dreaded D

    Golf - am a bit crap, but great on Tiger woods on PS3

    Tennis - not played enough.

    F1 - a great driver, on a computer game that is.

    Swimming - no, a sport?!

    Rugby - erm, no.

    Snooker/pool - good but crap

    Boxing - messed around when younger but never took it serious.

    Cricket - not played it properly.

    I think that covers everything. Football is my fav sport.

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    oNly VollyBall And Nothin Else

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