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    u no i really cant choose!!!
    i have soooo many!

    ok so it took me some time to think and this is my top 3( not in order!)

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    Table Tennis
    Lawn Tennis

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    A game of Cricket.

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    My favorite sport is carrom board.

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    Horse riding offcourse !

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    moto gp. Valentino rossi is the best =p

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    Mine Is cricket.....

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    I love playing basketball because I was inspired by NBA Players and Team AND1 and the other reasons I love this sport because I love to jump

    however, sometimes I'm also playing soccer when I don't have the mood to jump lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonus Log in to see links
    Mine Is cricket.....
    plz can you tell me the rules of cricket

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    Do you know this game?

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