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  1. Default

    The review was going to be posted today...

    But my laptop died so I don't know when it's going to be posted.

  2. Default

    Laptop is fixed

    Review tomorrow

  3. Default

    The pure isnt really good.
    Anyway nice review.;D

  4. Default

    this game realy tested my abbilitys thanks for review aaronvw

  5. Default

    nice review.however the review is too long.Mind summarize it???Lazy people playing games and lazy people hate to read a very long review.A few fantastic sentence should do it!

  6. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by exsinner Log in to see links
    nice review.however the review is too long.
    It's a review....

  7. Default

    this game is top top top love em, is there any review on the hero of sparta?. thanks aaron another great review once again

  8. Default

    There probably will be...

    But it won't be the next review.

  9. Default

    great game,too bad it doesn't have a save function.

  10. Default

    Not that good game:/

    Nice review.

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