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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Log in to see links
    How's that going for you, brother?
    Hi Michelle
    One month since I'm back, it was a nice vacation and we were lucky traffic wise.
    Last year we were stuck in a traffic jam for hours. On our way back the opposite track had a 15-20Km long traffic jam in Germany.

    My regular work and stuff at home keep me busy.

    I am sitting in front of my PC checking up on Mobiles24 while listening to music.

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    i m watching Log in to see links on my home with my beautiful wife. It is very good match of livepool team with manchaster united in the world cup highlights.

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    Doing my routine check-in and realizing how sad the following picture looks like.

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    I guess most of users come here to download free ringtones like me. I found website good so i registered few mints before. Hope to enjoy here.

    I think more people will get register once they found what they are looking for here. Thanks mobiles24.

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    Are other forums like this now?

    Watching Breakout Kings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Log in to see links
    Are other forums like this now?

    Watching Breakout Kings
    Other mobile phone forums are very active, only M24 forum is so lonely

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    Been a while since I logged in, hope everyone ok.

    Watching football.

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    Not going to work today so I slept in.

    Checking in to and listening to some tunes.

    Unless it starts raining again later on, I'll go outside get some work done that for whatever reason seems to wait exclusively for me to do it.

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    Logged back on after a long time.

    Watching the Ryder cup.

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