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  1. Default Sony Ericsson Phone Flashing

    This is a tutorial on how to flash your phone!
    Items needed:
    XS++ Download here:

    Download XS++ here

    Phone Firmware files(MS and FS)(check your phone CID and DB here > CID And DB
    you can flash your phone to another phone with the same CID.
    Download firmware here :

    Phone Firmware

    (you might need to register before you can download... )

    For DB2000 phones>DB2000 custpack download

    For DB2010 phones>DB2010 custpack download

    For DB2020 phones>DB2020 custpack download

    Check your phone for your custpack version, sorted by the phone's firmware CDA numbers.
    To download the right one for you, you have to check your phone CDA.
    CDA can be checked from the service menu (>*<<*<*) where you check the firmware version.
    There are letters CDA followed by some numbers like 1024, 1025 or etc...
    These numbers are the CDA version.
    You have to download custpacks according to the CDA you have, and the firmware you are planning to flash your phone with.
    (to check, take out SIM card and restart phone, then, press >*<<*<*)
    Download the custpack according to your CDA number!(CDA is custpack)
    Download a CDA that matches your phone’s FS region.
    No problem even if its for other phones it will work for your phone too if your FS and CDA region match.

    Sony ericsson USB cable: the one that came with your phone...

    Your Phone:You need your phone...

    Flash drivers: (do not do this if you have already installed sony ericsson update manager or flash drivers)
    You need to have installed flash drivers for your phone.
    To install the flash driver, Turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, and take
    out the battery for 30 seconds.
    Then put the battery back again (do not turn on the phone).
    Then connect your phone to the PC through the USB cable while holding the "C" button pressed down on your phone all the time.
    Then "Windows new hardware wizard" will recognize the phone as "Flash device".
    Here you will have options to connect to the internet to search for driver
    software or install it from CD or a folder in your pc.
    Select the "browse" option and navigate to the location where you downloaded your Flash drivers for the phone (the epiusb.sys file) and then click on it. If you are told that the driver is not digitally signed, click "Install Anyway".
    Once the flash driver is installed, restart the PC.(or you could just simply
    INSTALL SONY ERICSSON UPDATE MANAGER that came with your phone, your flash drivers will be installed in the process.)
    Go and search google if you dont have the update manager, or you could simply click Log in to see links and follow the instructions in the file that you are about to download.

    1)Ok. now, U need to make a GDFS backup,
    Make sure that your phone is charged to 100%
    Shutdown phone then Reinsert battery.
    Start XS++

    2)Click connect in XS++

    3)Connect your USB cable to your computer.
    hold C while connecting phone to USB cable ! don’t unpress C untill XS++ says ready for operation.

    4)Now In configuration select GDFS.

    Click Backup GDFS.
    wait for a few seconds. you will get your GDFS back up file in XS++ backup
    Keep the copies of your GDFS safely.(Or your phone might face TOTAL DESTRUCTION when something goes wrong!)
    GDFS contains a very important variables need to start phone!
    If the gdfs is corrupted then you cannot start the phone...
    We make a backup incase your phone GDFS gets corrupted.
    Never write another phone's GDFS to your own phone!
    Your phone will be beyond repair if you do that!
    And dont write your GDFS to your phone if you are NOT SURE whether it is dead!
    Only write your GDFS to your phone when you start it up and it is a White SCREEN!

    5)Now that we have made a backup of the GDFS, we have to make a custpack. Make a folder called own_custpack, unzip the CDA file which you have downloaded(once unzipped, it will appear as tdu). then put it into the own_custpack folder.Put the custpack folder into your XS++ main folder(the folder that contains your XS++)

    6)Now, Check flash main firmware: browse to the folder which you put your main firmware(.mbn file) file. now click your firmware file.(See picture below)

    7)Now check on flash file system(.fbn file) and browse to the folder in which you placed your firmware file. Now click it.(flashing the file system is optional.
    but if you want you can. its best to flash BOTH FS and MS)(see picture below)

    8)If you have flashed the file system, customize file system is a MUST, or you will get an error.
    On select phone model, click on the last option(own_custpack).
    (See picture below)

    9)Once you have checked(or double checked) everything, press flash.
    You will now have to wait for a some time before your flashing is done.
    once it is done, there will be a message saying flashing is succesfull!
    you have now flashed your phone.
    (see picture below)

    Help and support If there are any errors, please post here and i will help you.



    If i have missed out anything, feel free to tell so i can add it to the tutorial
    (besides pictures)Thanx! x
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    what means whit flashed??

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowille Log in to see links
    what means whit flashed??
    wats whit flash?
    isit a spelling mistake in my thread? can u guide me to it?(quote the part)
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    I relly need to reshape this thread...
    gonna do it now!

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    Ok, redone!
    oh man...
    the pictures dont work!!!
    now i have to re upload the pictures...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooblaster
    (do not do this if you have already installed PC suite or flash drivers)
    You still have to install Flash drivers even if you have PC Suite installed - but no need if you have Sony Ericsson Update Service installed

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    Quote Originally Posted by nisx91 Log in to see links
    You still have to install Flash drivers even if you have PC Suite installed - but no need if you have Sony Ericsson Update Service installed
    oh, then i must have gotten it wrong, cuz i have both pc suite and update service! thanx for the info! +rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooblaster Log in to see links

    Your Phone:You need your phone...

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    Wooots!!! Finally got the pictures up and running!

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    Great! finalized the tutorial...
    now im really done...
    any errors please post it here so i can change it!

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